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  1. 2020 sucks, but oh well. Sounds too high if they're not those mint-ish looking ones. Well those Montes do sound the right size for a garage shelf, but then you may have a larger shelf than I envision. Now a Mark IV is somewhat in between but still on the larger side, although it is sort of considered a large bookshelf model for some applications (i.e. can be placed vertical or horizontal). Those two are similar in 'model-isms' with both having a 10" woofer and a 3"x7" horn (there may be older variations that used cone tweeters but the horn was the most common). Later they added a Piezo tweeter to the Concerto (still has the horn). And last out versions (D) went to 'modern' dome tweeters but the stuff ended before a whole lot of those were made. Mike, maybe and who knows what other models as he has, or had a lot of Fraziers. He doesn't have an ad that I know of, he just tends to reply to someone's FB comment when it looks like they are looking for something he has. Happy T backatcha!
  2. Well I don't know prices but those do look good if that's them. That's a cool older version that bass ports out the rear, later ones had one port out the front. Not a horn, but bass to reflect off a wall for nice fill. For that price I'd expect them to be mint-ish and drivers in great shape. Now they are rarer than most Montes, but most folks never heard of Frazier so Fraziers are usually a bargain vs. their audiophile genre. I'd say the part of the group over yonder that are looking for Fraziers but not adept (or patient) at bargain hunting would pay that price for a nice pair. The other guys would probably shoot for $100. Yeah those are some nice speakers for the smaller size (considered large bookshelf speakers). Should be around an 8" woofer. Older models like this should have a cone tweeter so they don't don't go real high frequency, assuming you're young enough to still hear that high. Don't handle much power but as with all Fraziers are extremely efficient. There might be a spec sheet over yonder, and some of them own or have owned this model. Mike had a wide variety of Fraziers for sale but I don't know what's left. He did have several pairs of Concertos, a couple of models up from Montes. They're kind of end table speakers with their own built-on stands (the ladies love 'em! lol).
  3. Yeah that reasoning does sound sound. Electrical issues, audience, and maybe type of song vs. acoustics. Same issue in D/FW as the LIA experienced, miss some of those old venues. Well the F12-4H is a ceiling speaker so wasn't intended for viewing pleasure. We did doll some up special order for certain customers - various colors and matching cloth grilles. Roller skating rinks, discos, theaters, etc. And then the Model Nine internally code-named the Disco Big Eye. Yeah the X-15 had an interesting look for a commercial speaker. They packed the curvy horn sections with sawdust and covered with a thin piece of wood. I puttied and sanded my share of them, had to be a little artful with the horn part. The top part could be fitted to a couple of options of radial horns depending on the desired dispersement. Some just ordered it as a woofer-only (X-15W) and used an external HF horn. Well yes and no on the listening question. Most were just simple-sound tested at low volume not to upset the office, etc. And one at a time and usually what the foreman wanted the radio tuned to (sappy music). Plus we're listening close to each driver and testing the controls. I never had the pleasure to 'really' listen to a pair of Dixies but what I remember is pretty good for a horn. I do have a pair of horns that are somewhat close to a Dixie 'in a sense' [unfolded] and have the same HF horn in the mouth of the big horn; I was the audio king of the lake beach when I toted them out there in my truck at the time, everybody loved them (even the boaters) and of course they did well vs. the wind. And using a low power car stereo. Now these guys that actually own (or previously owned) them could give you a better review. But a big plus for the Dixie is that Jack Frazier had a pair in those fancy coverall cabinets in his living room. I did get to visit the sound room every now and then but it was pretty much for all the home models. Regular gas is about $1.60/gal here. And it's gone up 20 cents or more since stuff started reopening and continues to climb...
  4. Interesting (Frampton). Great tune on a great album! I didn't know the recordings were spread out as I thought it was all one concert. Yeah the F12-4H doesn't seem ideal for your app. Frazier made an X-15 that has a similar look to the A7. Short wide horn type for small venues. Well discos were always way too loud, and the less one likes a kind of music the less one's hearing can tolerate the loudness. But that's where the action was at, dancing and all. And it appears to be making a nostalgic comeback the way things do. Have a good week, JD
  5. Ironic timing. 3 sets of Dixies for sale in Long Island PM (private message) sent. I hope you know how to open it as I've never PM'ed here before. I do see a message envelope icon at the top of this page. MSG yes. I believe someone posted a pic over yonder, probably here too back when this was real active. Cool on Frampton. I wonder what sound we're hearing? That live version was one of the best if not the best at that time. So was Sid like The Soup Nazi or something? Lol Bi-amp: There was the model Nine. A 'disco' version of the F12-4H (search Frazier F12-4H and you should see them as they were pretty common). They added 4 Piezo tweeters between the 4 horns, the woofer is heavier duty, and cabinet stronger. Bi-ampable (big terminal strip on the back with jumpers to make it regular or bi-amp). The discos wanted more power capability, louder, and ridiculous highs (remember disco?! ugh). Commercial grey like Dixies. Now the F12-4H is actually a very large ceiling speaker for convention center type spaces, hence the bass ports shoot out the two sides and the horns are angled outward. But there's several guys over yonder that love them for home use and have repainted them and grilled them to look better. Made little stands to improve the living room sound (I suggested they corner load them for the side bass ports to reflect off of). Of course there's a few that hung them up in there garages or patios, they were built with eye bolts for hanging. Super Midgets are good little bookshelf speakers. Smallest of the home line and the only folded of those were a few back in the mono days. Bass port on front. The last ones used that 4" same as Bose 901's. Older ones a little larger driver and dual port out back so I'm guessing a little better. The bass port and cab size gives it decent range for what little there is to work with but of course the highs fall off. It's an economy/apartment model per se. Hey I don't like Facebook either. Too much unnecessary crap to look at to see the stuff I want to see. So I keep my friends list short, mostly family and a few close friends (and some of them are too noisy, but there's a way to turn off seeing their posts without unfriending them > unfollow). But anyhow I think you can have an account with no friends, the Frazier group is a separate 'group' entity from the main FB crud. Then you just bookmark the group page on your device and when you open it you won't even see the other FB crud.
  6. Based on the caps I'd say late '60's to early '70's. I really need to see more but I missed the ad. I don't trust that woofer for ID. Early ones had wooden horns while later ones had plastic resin horns. Some Dixies were made up until around 1980. Yeah the NY area was one of the hotbeds for Fraziers. A guy named Sid Zimet had a well known audiophile shop there. They were also in clubs like Studio 54 and venues like Madison Square Gardens. I couldn't spot the Dixie info I thought I saw; the problem is some folks just make a post rather than an ad, or mention they have some for sale in a comment to someone else's post. Anyhow there is a guy in your general area, maybe Long Island, that is clearing out his collection. There's several other members in the area too that buy and sell Fraziers as they upgrade, downgrade, or their wives kick them in the butt for having too much stuff. Lol. One guy is parting out drivers from some scrapped Fraziers. If you could make a post over yonder describing your venue like you did here they might have Dixies or something similar to sell.
  7. Oh I forgot about the stamps. Since Frazier didn't make drivers they were either ink stamped from the vendors or we placed Frazier stickers on them. Yeah come to think of it that woofer looks highly oxidized. Yet the other metallic stuff I see looks fine. And I'm used to studs with nuts holding the woofers in place, not screws, although this version is a little before my time. I preferred it over here too as I'm not a big fan of FB. But what happened was that this site made some web changes, the Frazier page disappeared [or was in danger of disappearing, I forget], so the folk or folks who started it here made the move to FB. It picked up steam over yonder via the proliferation of FB, so stuck despite this page coming back after the site change was complete. Let me know your general area and next time I'm on FB I'll see if there is an ad there for Dixies of regional interest.
  8. I think they are in utility cabinets. Look closer at the edge of that pic - looks grey like a Texan. AFAIK they were just 'set' inside of a fancy cabinet for home use (that's how Jack's pair were done and some others I've seen posted). That may be an original woofer from the 'old as dirt' era. Lol. Then again it could have been replaced with something old. I'm not that familiar with that era of Fraziers that have those old paper-wrapped capacitors tied down with strips of wood (when I was there they were more modern-looking caps tied down with nylon tie raps). The coils and caps look original though. Anyhow you could probably do better on price, especially if you're not paying the extra premium for the fancy outer cabinet. And drivers can be found or reconed (again, Freeman-Tuell in Dallas for one). The modern E-V woofer may very well be compatible since they used E-V's in Texans and other models as a heavy duty upgrade to older regular-type woofers. I don't put any stake in any sound recording of a speaker. How is the original sound going to make it through correctly? Anyhow you need to get your butt over to Facebook FUG for broader input, hardly any of them look over here anymore. Plus someone may have or know of the Dixies you're looking for at a much better price.
  9. FB = Facebook. The group over yonder is Frazier Users Group, hopefully this link works but if not you can always search groups in FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/584410888260783/ Yeah Dixielanders sound good for your app. There's also a big horn with a small [Dixie HF] horn in its mouth that performs similarly, almost an unfolded Dixie, but probably harder to find. You're probably being charged a premium due to the fancy outer cabinets as those are probably quite a bit rarer (Jack Frazier had Dixies in fancy cabinets in his living room - a personal favorite). Someone over in FB FUG may have a set of Dixies for sale. Those guys over there also know of good replacement parts, recone shops (ex: Freeman-Tuell in Dallas), and sometimes have legacy parts for sale. We have seen legacy parts on ebay and some of the woofers have been reconed; I've searched "Frazier speaker" (no plural just in case) with good results and occasionally mystery stuff pops up with common misspellings of Frazier. Craigslist is a very simple-minded search engine picky about spelling, like plural vs. non-plural.
  10. It could very well be that Sid nicknamed the Piezo Capsules as Super to help differentiate them. The company was sloppy when it came to documentation, etc.; they'd upgrade stuff and oftentimes use the same name. The literature shows them as "Capsule Monitor" and AFAIR the stickers we placed on them showed the same or maybe just Capsule. I suppose way back there might have been a more square Super Midget, especially for Sid with the economy black versions of models he sold. I say Super Midget because that is the model associated with the small single full range driver (used as mid-ranges on the larger models and in the small column speaker). Maybe a Monte Carlo if the driver was a little bigger and before adding a tweeter. These guys would still be on the small side, like around a foot square. Of course stuff waaaay back had different model names but may have looked like precursors to these models. You'd really do a lot better on your quest over yonder Facebook FUG, it's pretty dead over here after the 'migration' [some thought this FUG was going to be dropped when there was a website change, but lo and behold it survived].
  11. The stories I've heard of Sid Zimet seem to mostly revolve around Black Box models, but anything but square: Now I thought they always had a tweeter BUT it's entirely possible that some predecessor only had a single driver; I say that because there was an old mysterious pallet of 6 - 3/4" treble cone woofers in the factory (late '70s) that might have been there for old model replacement parts. The treble cone acts as a tweeter. Then again maybe in the early Zimet years there was some speaker as you described. The speaker in your pic was only a 4 - 1/2" used in the small [~breadbox size] rectangular Super Midget (no tweeter) and many of the larger multi-way models for mid-range drivers. Also well known for use in Bose speakers of that era (ex: 901). BTW there was never a Super Capsule to my knowledge. There was the painted Capsule Monitor and it's twin the walnut-veneered Concerto.
  12. Hey Lawnman, see the next post (which generated a new page so you'll have to go to the next page/202). Fritz has some horns but this site has a 'clear as mud' way to reply ('Quote'?) so he made a new post as a reply to you (he's new here too). BTW most of the FUGers have transitioned over to Facebook FUG. John Bob says check it out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/584410888260783/
  13. Hey Todd! Woohoo, finally rolled over to a new page!
  14. Congrats! Wow those look in mint-ish condition and were the last version out that I know of, and it appears not as proliferated as previous versions. The previous version had a Piezo tweeter, two mid-range drivers [it 'appears' that dome tweeter eliminated the need for two], weren't 'mirrored,' and walnut veneer (yours look to be oak-veneered). Indeed I saw something years ago on finding bargains due to common misspellings (or in this case maybe 'dyslexic' typing like I'm prone too since I can't type worth a hoot) . Works the best on simpleton sites like CL since sites like ebay find close matches. I recently told a guy trying to sell a classic Frazer car on CL he'd probably have better luck if he didn't spell it Frazier. P.S. Many of us transitioned over to Facebook FUG, and I suspect most of them don't check over here much anymore.
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