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  1. location?...intrested but shipping is always a hassle.let me know if you can calculate to xipcode 76471, thanks!
  2. what a great place to start!.I have been using the Hersey line for years as my mainstay hard rock listening speakers and lov'em! I have over the years made som emixed combinations of drivers, but I think you'll be surly pleased with those, hardly can go wrong!/..Stick around here, some great folks who offer smart advice freely, exchange parts and pieces fairly and have all been really good to me since i have joined, I sat back and just watched these forums for years and finally joined up., so happy I di, and I'm sure you'll find the place interesting, friendly and a nice place to sepnd some internet time at, I have. Let us know how you feel about those nice speakers after listening to them a bit..and once again, welcome to here!!!
  3. Thats just awsome! I try and collect what we call Stereo "furniture'.a perfect fitting piece!...I'm already twisting my peabrain into figuring out what will all have to go to make this fit.hmmmm.....could be the new center channel for my heresy home-made surround system.man cave going to get a little shot of class?.oh the possibilities! Thanks so much for sharing this! Now that one in black would go perfect if i ever finish those 4 heresy cabs in piano black i satrted some.ugh has it been that many months ago?.inspriation once again!
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