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  1. In order to do this restoration, I have got these test equipments: - Digital oscilloscope RIGOL DS1052E (hacked to 100 Mhz) - Lamp meter METRIX (but I'm not sure if it works) - ATLAS ESR 70, ATLAS DCA, ATLAS SCR - Multimeter
  2. Hi everybody, I thank you very much for all these contributions. In order to answer to some questions about my skills, I'm an electronic hobbist : I think I'm able to do this restoration with the help of the community. Following Craig advice, I've cleaned the amplifier. You'll find attached the "map of the tubes" (Stereomaster 233.pdf). I'll post photos in the next 2 posts. Many many thanks to all of you. SCOTT Stereomaster 233.pdf SCOTT Stereomaster 233.pdf SCOTT Stereomaster 233.pdf
  3. Hi, I'm french, I live in Tahiti (French Polynesia / South Pacific Ocean). My native language is French, so I apologize for my poor English style and I hope you'll understand me ! I just grab an old "SCOTT 233" amplifier. When I look at it, I can see that some tubes are totally unusable (they have "inhale" air, there is a leak inside, they became white). I'd like to know if someone could give me a kind of checklist in order to restrore this old amplifier. Kind regards.
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