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  1. I have a new link to the list. I lost the old one when I switched from Comcast to Fios because it was uploaded to my Comcast account. The hard drive I had the file saved on crashed but I recently found another copy on an old computer. I uploaded the excel file to google docs so there'll be no more issues.
  2. It does suck...I'm now out of a job. BTW, your Tweeter card will work work at any store that does there financing with GE. We've taken a Myer Emco card at Tweeter.
  3. Klipsch is also selling at Tweeter again.
  4. To see how some simple(also bigger) DIY designs compare to other popular subs check out the link below: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/subwoofer-tests/ The big LLT TC-2000 based sub rocks.
  5. Updated with: Klipsch RW-12d Velodyne DLS-5000R Hsu VTF-3 MK3 Outlaw LFM-1EX SVS SB12 Aperion Intimus S12
  6. It does kind of suck...hopefully my Tumult doesn't need service. AE Speakers is suppossed to be rereleasing new drivers soon(one of which I have already).
  7. Problems like what? I've only started using a subs w/PR's within the last year, so I don't have too much experience with them.
  8. But usefull starting place when you are looking at pairing to the bigger heritage series... and maintain dynamics... I agree. The list is really just a starting point for researching subs. As others already noted it's not "the one at the top is best" but definitely not meaningless.
  9. To the best of my knowledge, Nousaine hasn't tested any of the subs you've listed. The JL F112 was tested though. If anyone has any measurements of subs that TN has measured let me know and I'll add them to the list.
  10. Another important advantage to the dual 12" db500's is if you place them on opposing sides of the enclosure, you'll minimize enclosure vibrations.
  11. Thought I'd mention the RT-12d is on the list.
  12. It's been a while since I last updated my list. The address has been changed since I no longer have webspace w/Cox. It is now up to date after almost 1.5 years. NOUSAINE LIST Frank
  13. The YPAO in your receiver doesn't eq the sub channel(only level, distance, and phase). Only the RX-V1700 & 2700 eq the sub channel.
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