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  1. A question I have always wondered is........why do people think home theater subwoofers should play down to 16Hz when the subs used in large theaters made by JBL, or EV etc are lucky to go down to 25Hz with two 18" drivers? I have never come out of a good theater thinking low bass was lacking?
  2. Chipp4

    Klispch Epic

    Trespasser, I have two pairs of CF2's and a pair of CF3's. They are great speakers and I am going to be selling them soon to move to pro speakers. If your interested in them let me know I could make you a good deal on them.
  3. Dave, The cheapest price I have been able to find is at www.cinemadealer.com. When you go to the site click JBL speakers then click surrounds and Control 28's are close to the bottom for about $160 apiece. There is also a place called www.fullcompass.com and they have just the list prices(you have to call them). But when I do my outside system this is the way I will go.
  4. Check out the JBL Professional Series Control 28 or Control 30. Places like Busch Gardens and Seaworld use these all over their parks and are exposed. The Control 28's would blown away most hifi outdoor speakers and Control 30's are even better with 10" woofer and horn driver. Not sure how much 30's cost but you can get a pair of 28's for $350 or less per pair and that's cheap compared to any larger hifi outdoors like Klipsch or Boston Acoustic etc. Check out www.jblpro.com.
  5. Bob, How would you compare the MCM's to Meyer MSL4's w/650p subs
  6. Checking on Ebay, it looks like it could be possible to get a deal on a Krell Theater Standard amp. I wonder how this would compare with Sunfire Signature Series (obviously the Sunfire is rated at twice the power).
  7. I see there is a Denon 5803. Looks like it has a really cool feature of converting all video inputs to output on component video so you don't have to mess around with multiple different video in's on your TV (provided your TV is HDTV ready type) I know this is a big pain with my current Denon 4800. But they don't give away the 5803 at $4000 +
  8. Sounds like the Sunfire road is the way to travel for high power and no Pro Audio amp fan noise.
  9. Has anyone had experence with Carver power amps (like M1.0 or M1.5) and how do regular Carver brand amps compare with Sunfire amps? I know Sunfire seems to get great reviews.
  10. Fabulous, You will have to cut some of that metal (must be European Car)so the bass driver can play through the seat. Plus if you run the sub your rear deck speakers will be acting like passive radiators and will over excurt (found this out the hard way myself) Once you cut the metal you need to make sure the box you build fits up the the hole and use foam to seal around to keep speaker pressure going into car and not trunk. There's my 2 cents.
  11. I am thinking about getting rid of my Denon 4800 and replacing it with a Sunfire Theater Grand (mainly because this unit has balanced XLR outputs)and I see many of the first model selling for around $1,100 which seems pretty reasonible. Has anyone used this unit before and performance wise is there much of a difference between this and the new series II model. After looking into this I found the Sunfire 5 channel amp interesting. The signature model is rated at 800+ watts/ch at 4 ohms. Is this a REAL rating or very exagerated? Seems strange that for the most part to get 800+ watts/ch you have to move to pro equipment and pro amps all have fans to keep them cool but the Sunfire amp puts out 800+ to 5 channels and has no cooling problems????????
  12. Doug, I think if you built the proper size box the SVS woofer would work just fine in a car. Remember there are many people now with 6 or more 15" subs in their vehicles powered by thousands of watts and they don't find it to loud. You have the driver so some wood would'nt cost much to experiment with.
  13. Tblasing, yes the Yamaha P3500 does have 1/4" but once my setup is complete I will be using electronic crossovers with only have XLR. William, I tried the XLR to 1/4" transformer from Radio Shack and it did not help. I was wanted to make sure something wasnt wrong with the amp so I connected a walkman to it and there was no hum or buzz so it must be coming from the Denon 4800. I did find a Rolls MB15 active RCA to XLR convertor that sounds like it for this problem. I will have to buy and try it out. Also discovered pro equipment wants a higher signal level than home equipment can provide too.
  14. Hey dndphishin, So are you getting some hum and buzz with the crown/HK setup? Currently I have 2 JBL 4638's hooked to a Denon 4800/Yamaha P3500 amp and I am getting some hum and buzz. I have another 4638 that has been setup with the 2380/2445 horn and a DOD electronic crossover and experimenting with this my hum and buzz gets much louder since its no longer below 80Hz. I believe I need an RCA unbalanced input to XLR balanced output coverter and maybe it will fix this. Or Lexicons new MC12 processor (but way out of my price range now).
  15. Does anyone know where I can find an RCA to Balanced XLR adapter. Currently I am using a Denon 4800 sending a signal to a pro Yamaha amp (with XLR inputs)and I am getting hum and buzz.
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