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  1. Thanks for remembering those who gave it all and sacrificed so much. Please do a search on youtube...Loyce Deen Tribute...I hope you will be moved by this fitting tribute to all the airmen who flew those missions and never came back. Not only in WWII but all conflicts America has fought in. Remembering...frt8dog
  2. Hi Vanguard, I just noticed this thread. Years ago I had an interest for a center channel for my Klipschorns. I had a local tube tec. build me one . I gave him the "Dope from Hope" copy, Vol 14, No.4 revised July 1974 also a copy of "Three Speaker Arrays" Vol. 15, No.6 June 1976 He built it for me using those plans, used it a few times. It worked great but I changed my speakers. If interested shoot me a PM. Thanks, frt8dog
  3. Hi Fayfay, I've got a pair still in storage for a project that never materialized. The original seller painted them white but I was planning on painting them black for my project. If interested shoot me a PM. I'm still a Klipsch fan though! lol. Thanks, frt8dog.
  4. Hi mikesbikes, Ive got a very nice Fisher X202B with cabinet. Shoot me a PM. Thanks, frt8dog
  5. Any issues with speakers? Do you have original manual and boxes? Are you willing to ship? Thanks.
  6. Klipschorns have SOLD...thanks and congratulations indyhawg! frt8dog
  7. Klipschorns still available.
  8. ARjetman, I have a gentleman driving down from Michigan this Saturday to pickup the K-horns. I should be hearing from him today with more details. If it falls through I’ll shoot you a PM. If not I’ll post “sold” on the AD. Thanks for your interest. John
  9. The Crossovers have SOLD. Thanks for everyones interest. John
  10. I don't believe so, these were originally made for K-Horn, LaScala or Belles...better parts from what I understand. John
  11. ALK Engineering Universal Crossovers. Purchased in 2007. Used in Klipschorn. Excellent condition. $275.00 shipping included. No international shipping. Thanks, John
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