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  1. Thanks Dave1291…much appreciated for the information. Frt8dog
  2. Does anyone know, whose following this thread, if these speakers have sold? I’ve sent the seller a number of Facebook messages over the past week, but no reply. I’m assuming they’ve sold and will have to look elsewhere. Thanks for any information someone could pass along. frt8dog
  3. Very nice job on the veneering! Looks super!
  4. I just wanted to give a shout out to Nickboy6100! Typical Hoosier hospitality second to none! He was a gracious host and knowledgeable fellow Klipsch enthusiast! Speakers are in immaculate shape and the 402 horn doesn't disappoint! I eventually decided not to purchase because they weren't going to work in my room and tube equipment. Those 8 - 15" drivers need room to breathe and lots of power to drive them. I think Nickboy6100 price is fair compared to if you tried to buy this equipment new. I think it's a great deal for someone! Those 415LF bass bins are huge! Thanks again Nickboy6100 it was a great time and chatting about all things Audio! frt8dog!
  5. Where exactly in Southern Indiana are you located?
  6. Hi MacWorks, I noticed your post. I've got a mint Fisher X202B all original tubes. I'll send you a PM! Thanks! frt8dog!
  7. Thanks for remembering those who gave it all and sacrificed so much. Please do a search on youtube...Loyce Deen Tribute...I hope you will be moved by this fitting tribute to all the airmen who flew those missions and never came back. Not only in WWII but all conflicts America has fought in. Remembering...frt8dog
  8. Hi Vanguard, I just noticed this thread. Years ago I had an interest for a center channel for my Klipschorns. I had a local tube tec. build me one . I gave him the "Dope from Hope" copy, Vol 14, No.4 revised July 1974 also a copy of "Three Speaker Arrays" Vol. 15, No.6 June 1976 He built it for me using those plans, used it a few times. It worked great but I changed my speakers. If interested shoot me a PM. Thanks, frt8dog
  9. Hi Fayfay, I've got a pair still in storage for a project that never materialized. The original seller painted them white but I was planning on painting them black for my project. If interested shoot me a PM. I'm still a Klipsch fan though! lol. Thanks, frt8dog.
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