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  1. Bump. Got the RP-450C today. Going to set it up and come back with results. I got nice speaker spikes and protectors copper plated to match the drivers and it looks great. Waiting for an SPL and Microphone boom to arrive Thursday and will calibrate it all. So far I could not be happier with my decision to come back to Klipsch as it is a night and day difference in sound over my Polk's. Thanks for all the feedback!
  2. Hey guys, so I ordered the RP-450C and will receive it by Tuesday this coming week. I traded my amps so am running off my Onkyo TX-RZ810 rated 130 Watt - 8 Ohm - 20 - 20000 kHz - THD 0.08% - 2 channels. The nominal output power of the RP-450C is 150w. I'm sure I'll have plenty of power to drive the 450C with my Onkyo but to be honest I'm not completely sure how all the numbers work. I don't listen to music much, mainly watch movies, but want to be sure my system plays to its potential and my RF-3ii's, RP-450C, and RB-51ii's are not lacking power and distort. If someone could explain in laymen terms what I'm dealing with described here it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all, I'm very excited!
  3. I got my RB-51ii's today and first thought was "they're tiny" compared to my A3's but they sound outstanding with much better detail. I've got them crossed at 60hz and they blend fine. My plan is to order the RP-450C Wednesday. I really don't need it as the RC-3 is essentially plenty but I've got the bug now, lol. Addicted again!
  4. Thanks, it's on its way. Next house will have a dedicated theater room with hidden speakers and I intend on matching speakers throughout.
  5. I agree with you on the matching woofers as that would be most appealing and most likely blend better. The RF-3's are very impressive and the crisp bass is outstanding but I do miss the size of my CSI-A6 and my living room looks empty without it in comparison to the RC-3. Don't get me wrong the RC-3 is a great speaker and sounds better to me than the CSI-A6 but I love a beefy center and the RC-64's have the size although the price is still a bit steep for me. The RP-450C has the size and aesthetics I'm looking for, is a newer model and priced pretty low for a Premier series speaker in my opinion. I don't listen to music that often and my main focus is on home theater sound as detailed as possible in my price range. I have a 2 family and rent the apartment above me so I have to be courteous about how loud and when I pump it up for movies. As you can see I am aiming toward the RP-450C and as long as it wouldn't be a mistake and stand out from the rest of the system, chances are that's what I'll order. I'm going to use the the RC-3 with the two sets of white Quintets I got with the deal in my bedroom. Sounds to me like it will all work out and I must say it feels great to back with Klipsch. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed the signature sound of all Klipsch speakers. After listening to my Polk's for so long it is a shame how much I was missing from my system by not going Klipsch. Thanks guys for the great feedback and considerations!
  6. I'm looking at the RP-450C to go with my RF-3's so I'm following this. Started my own thread with specifics.
  7. Hey everyone, I have recently moved back to Klipsch speakers after being with Polk RTIA's for roughly 7 years. Though I loved the appearance of the Polk's as they fit perfectly in my living room, they never came close in my opinion to Klipsch. I had the Icon W series prior to Polk for about 6 years and missed the sound but got complacent with my Polk speakers. Long story short, I had a couple amps hooked up that I wasn't really using to their potential so decided to sell and downsize a bit. A guy got a hold of me wanting to trade some equipment and at first I said no but a month later he reached out again. I ended up trading my Emotiva LPA-1 and XPA-200 for a set of RF-3's, RC-3, and 2 pair Quintets (white). The quintets are brand new never opened and the RF-3 set came in their boxes and look straight from Klipsch along with the RC-3. I could not be happier except I needed a new pair of surrounds so I ordered a pair of RB-51ii in hopes that they will match well. Thoughts? Now I've got the Klipsch bug again and although the RC-3 sounds outstanding it is tiny compared to my CSI-A6 and I love a big and powerful center channel. So now I'm hunting for a good matching center for my RF-3's, RB-51ii's, and my SVS PB-2000 Sub. I'm looking at the Klipsch RP-450C and before ordering was hoping that some of you here could give a little feedback & opinion on my choice of mixing and matching Klipsch speakers. Now I do understand that mixing series is not optimal but also realize Klipsch has a very distinct sound and may blend well together. I will look forward to any and all responses and Thanks in advance for any and all time and consideration here. Bobby C. Incloud Design
  8. Thanks for the heads up, didn't realize the misprint.
  9. Just put these up on Craigslist in hopes for local sale but would like to give a chance here for someone near MA. 01610 to grab this nice set. http://worcester.craigslist.org/ele/4178633191.html
  10. Did the 52's go? If not PM me a price and pics. I'm interested!
  11. Are the 41's and 52's still available? I'm in Massachusetts though...
  12. Up for sale out of Worcester, MA. 01610 is a set of WF-34 Floorstanders and a WC-24 Center. Both are from the Icon Wood series and in great condition overall. WF-34 - $220 WF-34 - $220 WC-24 - $220 All Three for $600
  13. Location: Worcester, MA. 01610 I am currently looking for a set of either RF-62ii or RF-82ii speakers along with an RC-62ii center and RS-52ii surrounds. I have been looking into buying new but attempting to find an excellent condition used set as I'm not rich. No interest in speakers that are flawed aesthetically and in hopes that one of the dedicated audiophiles here on the forum will give some guidance on this attempt. The set will be powered by an Emotiva LPA-1 (5@125, 2@50 Watt) amplifier and UMC-200 Pre/Pro. Any help with this is greatly appreciated and Thanks in advance for any and all support! Upgrading from WF-34 and WC-24 Icon Woods
  14. Thanks! I just ordered a 4 channel ground loop isolator and a bunch of banana plugs from monoprice (love that place) and will see when they come in if it fixes the buzzing problem. The sound is so low you have to put your ear up to the speaker to hear it. As far as the power goes, im going to have an electrician come tomorrow and install a 20 amp dedicated line for my audio room. My buddy will do it for a 12 pack. Lol, Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the reply, I have been looking for something like that. My only question is: I have Front left and Front right along with Center coming into the Amp. So three cables in all. The Radio Shack unit below has two ends, would I get two of them and just let one end dangle behind the Amp or how is it done? http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062214# Does the unit above replace the actual cables to connect the Receiver and Amp? Thanks a lot for your help!
  16. Got the AMP installed and have got an annoying light humming noise coming from Fronts and Center connected to AMP itself. Never had a humming before. I am trying to identify where it is coming from and have nothing on but the AMP and still hear it. Any ideas?
  17. I have to say this thread has got me more excited than a kid in a candy shop. I happened to run into this exact amp yesterday on Craigslist. The guy never used it and it has been stored in its original box for close to ten years. He lives about five minutes from me and I am going to check it out when he gets out of work. As I was looking up the specs I found this thread, way too excited! It is my intention to also use it for my Fronts and Center. Quite a few people in forums have said that with my speakers WF-34, WC-24 and how efficient they are, an amp will not be a noticeable improvement. Being the junkie I am for hobbies, this thread has put me over the edge of excitement with no return. I didn't see how much you grabbed yours for but this guy is asking $150. Think that's a good deal? It is pretty old but most things were built better years ago. It sounds to me like you seriously benefited with yours. Do you think running my WF-34 Fronts and WC-24 Center, freeing up those channels with only the Surrounds and Surround Backs, plus Sub out coming off my RX-V765 will be as blood pumping an experience as you've experienced? I find it hard to believe as others have said, that it would not help my AVR run cooler and allow more power for the remaining channels. Let alone, the dedicated power going to the Front soundstage. After all, I am not actually getting the advertised 95w to each channel with the internal Yamaha amp, right? Unless someone rains on my parade, this is a done deal. I'm pretty psyched, this thread had me flying.
  18. Thanks guys for your response. JJK, that's awesome that you have yours working. Mine is not working and that would be the reason for this thread. I am not an audio God, nor do I know one. I have heard a lot of people get it to work. I'm just trying to figure out how to get what I described working. Or will the JVC RX668V not work? Thanks again!
  19. Hello guys (and Gals). I recently started thinking of upgrading my system and while looking around for ideas came across the option of adding an external amp to my existing Yamaha RX-V765 receiver. Not only would I like more power but my receiver is limited to a single crossover setting for all speakers. Really wish I'd known more before buying the AVR. I now would have purchased a unit with Audyssey and individual crossover capabilities. But I'm stuck with it now or lose out on a good chunk of cash upgrading. Not rich like some, LOL. While it would be nice to purchase an XPA-3 for my Fronts and Center, right now funds are tight. I have an older JVC RX-668V collecting dust in my room. Actually, I forgot I had it until an article out there gave me the idea of using it as a standalone amp in line with my Yamaha RX-V765. The Yamaha has pre-outs, the JVC does not. I have been trying to get it to work right with no luck. I'm not quite sure if it is possible or not. I have managed to get it to power my fronts and center by running out of the Yamaha pre-outs for Front L,R and Center into the DVD RCA inputs on the JVC. The sound comes out very muffled and almost as if they were a surround speaker. I have toyed around with all the settings I could find on the JVC with no luck. At one point I think I had it connected to CD on the JVC and got normal stereo sound through the Fronts. The sound was very clean and full but could not get the center to have sound. I know I am doing something wrong but have no idea what to do. I'm thinking that because the JVC is a 5.1 receiver and not just stereo, it can not be done or I have to disable something for it to act as an amp only. I'll list my gear below and provide links to the two AVR's. Any ideas that could get this working correctly would truly help me until I am able to learn a little more and purchase the proper upgrade for my existing components. Thanks in advance for all support on this matter and I hope that I have been somewhat clear. Components Yamaha RX-V765 JVC RX668V Manual Klipsch WF-34 Klipsch WC-24 Klipsch Synergy Sub 12 Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Surrounds A Post on my website displaying my system (minus the JVC) If there is any more info needed, please let me know how I could help. I truly appreciate any time and all replies. Bobby C. (incloud design).
  20. What I am saying as far as taking away is that if the crossover is set to 100, everything below that for speakers set to small goes to the sub. Everything above of which they can't produce gets lost. Correct? If set to large ( my center) where does the bass my center can't handle ( up to 80hz) go if the speaker is set to large but only starts at 80?
  21. I guess where I get confused is that from what I have read it seems the difference between setting speakers to small or large is that when set to large, the speaker gets a full range of sound. Wouldn't this mean that all frequencies are sent to the speaker? Setting them to small sends everything below your selected crossover to the sub. Is this correct or have I got it wrong. I am trying to not lose any detail while getting as much out of my towers and center as possible. My surrounds start at 120hz so I figure that with my crossover set to 100hz for crossover, I lose all the sound in the surrounds between 100-120. Which the crossover at 100hz also strips my towers which do provide some pretty impressive bass are stripped of everything between their rated 50hz up to 100hz. The towers of course have the lower frequencies sent to the sub due to being set to small. Setting the towers to large takes away from the center drastically. Hope this mess makes a bit of sense to someone. Thanks again for your response, I do feel assured that the Center and AVR are not being taxed beyond their ability from your reply. This is a lot of fun all in all, just very confusing.
  22. For what it's worth, after weeks of playing around and driving my self nuts, I found a scenario that is phenomenal sounding. Though it sounds great, it is technically against what I have read and learned here and throughout Google. This is what I have: I ended up setting all speakers to small as suggested by most readings. With all set to small I could not get decent dialogue from center channel or smooth bass from sub regardless of YPAO or hours of testing different settings. I ran YPAO a little while ago with my microphone in a different place. Still didn't really sound that great. I set the center to large and AVR crossover to 100hz and then verified all speaker levels with an SPL. With the center set to large it sounds sick. It is like a completely different system. It is literally like being in a theater. The dialogue is drastically enhanced, the sub blends perfectly with the rest of the system and it overall sounds amazing and full of detail. My only concern due to all my reading up on settings is damaging my center speaker with it set to large. It does not seem distorted at all. With the mains set to small, the center set to large and a 100hz crossover, where does the heavy bass or LFE go? Is it safe to leave these settings without damaging the receiver or center speaker. Hope not, it sounds unreal! Thanks in advance for all your help and input, Incloud! Any further suggestions are very welcome...
  23. I just get a little pissy when I can't get it right and have a problem with adjusting the volume constantly. I do realize that the recording plays a major role in the center issue. Overall my system sounds remarkable and I am satisfied. I think I am addicted to tinkering with it, it's fun. Other than being limited to one crossover setting for all speakers, I have relatively full control over my individual speakers. I ran YPAO again with the mic on a tripod to get Yamaha settings for distance and levels. They are pretty accurate. It came up with 160hz for AVR crossover, I bumped it down to 120hz, bumped up the center 3db and am about to watch Ghost Protocol and see how it sounds. I truly appreciate all the time and find these forums priceless in all of my addicting hobbies. Thanks again!
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