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  1. K-44-E drivers http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-K-44E-Driver-Speaker-Woofer-Proffesional-Driver-One-Pair-2-/182660240170?hash=item2a8766132a:g:VBgAAOSwhgJZYpPu K-43 drivers http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-K-43-Professional-Speaker-Driver-1-Pair-2-Drivers-Total-/182660224810?hash=item2a8765d72a:g:jTUAAOSwKoRZYoyr
  2. Yes, my error for not including this very important fact, thank you for pointing it out.
  3. https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/ele/6132852792.html
  4. https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/ele/6132852792.html
  5. Starting bid at $199 for 4 single MWM's in Raleigh. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Bass-Bins-/352042603030?hash=item51f75fd216:g:8bsAAOSwCQZZBNMR
  6. Hey RTR, That's a good idea! I have a Roku 4 and I was going to purchase a new Roku Ultra so I could get UHD. It seems that Roku comes out with a new model every time I look around. So, this will save me some bucks... Besides, it's probably not worth the extra expense because of the limited content in UHD. I'll probably end up getting the next model Roku that comes out after the Roku Ultra. Thanks! You're absolutely right, the set up sounds great! Especially with high quality recordings like a Blu-ray audio disc.
  7. Yes, I currently have the jubs/K-402's set up active 2-way with TAD 4002's using a Yamaha SP2060. I have also experimented with 3-way & 2-way using passive crossovers with good results. 2-way active sounds overall very, very nice and I may stick with this in the long run. First I'm going to try 3-way active because I really got a kick out of the crispness that a tweeter added to the HF with the 3-way passive set up but I think overall the quality suffered without time delay. Are you considering going with Jubilee's?
  8. Yes, he's the same guy that I purchased the jub clone bass bins from. I didn't have the opportunity to hear his 3-way Fastrac/JBL version so I can't say for sure that either horn/set-up is better than the other. My opinion is that the K402 is way better than the Fastrac. But, I suppose there might be some bias on my part because I own K-402's. Although, I also own V-Trac Midrange Horns and a set of JBL 2360A horns and I have personally compared them to the K-402 and I know without any doubt that the K-402 is a way better horn. No doubt about it! The K-402 horn coupled with the TAD 4002 driver is really very special!
  9. Hello Scrappydue, I purchased the Sony XBR65X850D at Frys Electronics a little over a month ago. I picked it up at my local Frys and the cost was slightly less than what's listed on their website. $1,398.00 is the going price at most outlets including Best Buy and Amazon. http://www.frys.com/product/8756451?source=google&gclid=CIjxyYq2z9ACFQNufgod1GgBtQ Jubs are clones built by a forum member. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/160444-jubilee-clone-build-revisited/
  10. Hey Eric, Only with the X rated programs.
  11. RTR, That's good that your 850C is still working after a year! I understand the 2015 version is very similar to 850D. So, I quess I don't have to be concerned about reliability (knock on wood). One of the reasons I went with the Sony was that I haven't had any reliability issues with my other Sony products. (I probably shouldn't have said anything) I'm currently not using the "smart" part of the TV because I have a Roku, but I tried it and it appears to be a user friendly system. It's good to know that it works for you just in case my Roku goes south.
  12. Thanks, yep, it works pretty good together. Also thanks for noticing the cables, I put a lot time into routing them all to keep it clean. The cables can go out of control too easily when there's 8 pairs of wires connected to just the speakers on the front wall. I'm also planning on going active with the surrounds, that's another 6 pair... jeez... It's one of the only negative aspects of using active crossovers. The tall speaker to the right of the fireplace is a Danley DTS20 subwoofer.
  13. To those that were so kind to respond last August to my post, I thought you all may be interested to know that I've completed the transition to a new TV including mounting it on the fireplace. I ended up purchasing a Sony XBR65X850D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD. I think it looks good where it's mounted and overall it works with the rest of the room. The picture quality is real good, it's for sure an upgrade over the the previous Sony 55". I went with the Sony XBR because it was on sale, the store paid the sales tax and purchasing it at the time was convenient. I'm sure the Samsung that I was going to purchase at Costco would have been fine, but it cost $500 more. The actively crossed Belle center channel parked on the hearth does a good job with nice clear dialogue and the spot is ideal because of the elevated height. I'm a happy camper http://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/xbr-x850d-series
  14. Very nicely done! I'd bet that your guests are very impressed with your set-up! You might want to think of swapping your center channel for a Belle. The Belle is less than 19' deep so it would fit better in the confined space that you have. Sound quality is very nice without any modifications to the speaker. Further down the road you could consider using an active crossover. A used DX38 can easily be purchased and the active settings have all been figured out for you (see link below). The end result is a center channel that will perfectly match your TSCM's and provide wonderful SQ for both music and dialogue.