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  1. That I prefer Horn Loaded Bass and Subs ! Also that you should search this topic on this forum, you will find lots of info that contradicts your statements .
  2. I'm not sure of your point but you don't think that would be superior with a MWM bin instead ? Have you heard a MWM Bin ?
  3. I'm confused @Tom05 are you saying you prefer completely horn loaded speakers except for when it comes to subwoofers ? I thought and I could be wrong , the lower the frequency the more you benefit from horn loading. The reason you wrote this is the same reason I am replying .You are the first person I have ever heard have this opinion . In my experience people who prefer all horn loaded speakers , prefer the sound quality of horn loaded subs once they experience them. The size or other factors maybe not so much ... but sound quality always until now. You are entitled to your opinion but I believe your opinion is more the exception than the norm and cerainly not something you should be professing to less experienced listeners.
  4. I was running the THX Ultra II system off a Denon 3805 Switched to Emotiva XPA-5's. It was a night and day difference , this system loves power.
  5. I enjoyed her work with Eddie Money
  6. Gnote

    Check in

    Congrats ! That is awesome !
  7. I'm not affiliated either but IMHO the KG5.5 is the most underrated Klipsch speaker. I have no idea about the other speakers included but the KG5.5's are worth the price alone .
  8. Sorry for your troubles . I have 2 XPA-5's that turned 13yrs old this week and they are still running Klipsch THX Ultra II's they have been rock solid and are built like a tank. Seems so but I agree with @wuzzzer Crown Amps seem to run forever .
  9. That is one awesome rack full of gear or should I say awesome gear filled rack .
  10. I had 3 MCM's in a 12' X 16' room and it sounded better than anything I had ever heard until I put them in a bigger room , I don't think a small room will hurt these much , I think I read on here at one point that large speakers can overcome the limitations of a space easier . Not sure how much power they need , I ran them briefly on an old Marantz 22?? reciever and it would go into protection when I tried to push it. Switched to a Crown K2 and WOW. Don't be fooled though these sound amazing at low volume and just amaze you even more when you push them a little , You won't believe how clean they play no matter what. Be warned though , They will make a bad recording sound really bad . As for single bins .........YES ! I have 5 double bins and they are a mother to move and that's IF they fit through the space. The only regrets about MCM's are moving them and why didn't I do this sooner .
  11. Congrats those are beautiful !
  12. Sorry to hear that .I have a 2005 Silverado Z71 with a 5.3 and 260,000 miles with the original exhaust and I'm afraid to admit original spark plugs. Pretty much just tires , batteries ,brakes, a waterpump, and a couple alternators.But boy is she rusty .
  13. I went to a concert at Comiskey Park in August of 1978 Opening Act was AC/DC never heard of them - Holy Sh#$%^ Freaking Amazing Next was Walter Egan - Good Then Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush-Very Good Then Foreigner- Excellent Aerosmith was so messed up you couldn't even tell what song they were playing and they got booed off the stage.
  14. Carl @carlthess40 and Brandon @opusk2k9 I will be in Geneva IL at the end of the year(near Chicago and near Brandon) and will be heading to Ocala FL before the end of January .So if you guys work something out I can help .
  15. Gnote

    WTB Crown amps

    I have a Crown CTS 8200 which I bought used in January and have decided to go in a different direction so its available if you are interested. Kinda cool because you can bridge each individual pair of channels if you wish.
  16. Gnote

    WTB Crown amps

    Unless you run a K1' or K2' there are few other fanless Crown models .
  17. Best Wishes to Gil . FWIW @opusk2k9 is as knowledgeable about buying and selling Klipsch as you will find. He is also a straight shooter.
  18. Gnote

    Miracle whip

    About the same price if I remember correctly 😃
  19. That is really Cool. I've always wanted to bring some MCM's with me and experience your outdoor theater but I fear I can't afford a Big Mac in Tennessee !
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