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  1. 2 of the classiest Players
  2. Gnote

    MCM 1900

    I knew that and I want to be like @dtel 1502 would be fine but they are gone. I have watched for used K402's for years and can never find any . Knowing how much I wanted them ,Claude offered me his when he sold them but I just couldn't swing it at the time . With news of the new version coming out and what I believe will be a substantial price increase I panicked and started bugging a certain guy who will remain nameless ( @Paducah Home Theater) and asked him to order me a pair of the current version. I am very excited to say the least. Now I can start messaging that same guy every 3 months asking how much the 1802 is .
  3. Gnote

    MCM 1900

    I have not heard the KPT 942 but he did mention horn loaded and after having heard horn loaded woofers and sub woofers I'm fairly certain I would prefer the Bass from an MWM . I really haven't heard anything better . I agree with @nickyboy6100 about big Klipsch horn loaded speakers . I have 3 MCM 1900's that I'm thankful I found and they will be a part of my dream Home Theater. I was also lucky enough to receive 2 additional MWM's in that deal and they will be a part of my dream 2.1 Channel setup , that setup will be MWM's with K402's on top and a KPT-1802 HLS . I heard the K402 Horn( not sure what driver?) at @ClaudeJ1's years ago in Indy when I was buying a LAB 12 off of him and I have been dreaming of a pair ever since. @Chief bonehead that K402 has haunted me for years, Great Job ! I was first drawn to Klipsch when I encountered a pair of Khorns at a party in 1977 , I was mesmerized by PWK's masterpiece !
  4. Gnote

    MCM 1900

    @Cadillac Bill like Marvel said Welcome to the forum . MCM's are just amazing and I'm sure you are going to be very pleased with a building that size to enjoy them in .
  5. Gnote

    SCTV or SNL?

    I always enjoyed Bob and Doug McKenzie . I also enjoyed the Belushi SNL era. Do yourself a favor and watch Belushi sing with Joe Cocker.
  6. I was thinking the same thing . I have no desire to switch out any of my speakers but I would ditch all my crown amps in a heartbeat for a couple MC-8207 . I really like my Crowns but they aren't McIntosh.
  7. I was thinking used as most everything else in the system will be . They look to be around $500-$800 used. Those Parasound zone masters look very interesting. Thanks
  8. Getting ready to start putting my pro home theater together. I am trying to conserve rack space and was thinking about using a multichannel amp like a CTS 8200 to run Rear speakers (LSI splits) sides (KI 102's) and eventually ATMOS speakers (4-KPT 200's). I was wondering if anybody has used one .I would welcome any input or suggestions. I will be powering the Main's (MCM's) and Subs with Crown K2's and K1's which I mostly have already.
  9. Gnote

    Fresh start

    Jason Sorry to hear about your mom . I am also no longer in Chicago , I've been dealing with my Father who has Dementia . Been running between Florida and Ohio as he has homes in both places. I really enjoyed our get together and wish we had done more. I guess the good news is the MCM's are in a much larger place although I haven't set them up yet. Congrats on your purchase and good luck !
  10. Gnote


    He was great ! I was lucky enough to hear him on National Games and Pat Foley for my Blackhawk Games. Both were usually accompanied by Eddie Olczyk. You don't realize how good they are until you listen to other broadcasters ... it's almost painful !
  11. Do you drink alone ?
  12. Beautiful ! Congrats... Khorns were the first Klipsch I ever heard (1978) and I was blown away . I swore some day I would own a pair.
  13. Gnote

    KG4 or KG5.5

    That old time Rock and Roll plays very well on them !$449 Each
  14. Gnote

    KG4 or KG5.5

    IMHO the KG5.5 is superior to the KG4's and the Heresy. Especially if you like Rock and Roll !
  15. Congrats on the purchase ,That is a great Price !
  16. I run my 4 way MCM's on Crown K2's and it sounds good to me !
  17. Surprised No Joe Satriani ! I Think Joe ,SRV, and Brian May can play with anyone !
  18. Like You , I have many large speakers (MCM's , LaScala's ETc) KG 5.5's were my first Klipsch and they still bring a smile to my face ! (When I visit my daughter) I would have No Problem spending $400 on a nice pair of KG5.5's
  19. They sound great ! This is my second pair , supposedly they came out of a church. My new truck a 2020 Siverdado HD Duramax has a 110 outlet in the bed . I brought a small marantz receiver and speaker wire so I could test them. When I pulled up the young man had them pounding in the garage with a mixer and amp running them. They sounded so good I checked to make sure they were the only ones running as he had several other speakers in the garage.
  20. Carl was kind enough to let me go get these and I did bring them home today ! It was a 4 hour round trip but well worth it. The speakers aren't quite as mint as his pictures or description but they are in very good shape.Thanks to @billybob for posting these and thanks to @carlthess40 for letting me grab them
  21. One of my favorites RIP
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