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  1. If you are going with RF7's I'm guessing (Have not heard one ) that's the way to go. If you are leaning towards Heritage Speakers(Haven't heard any III's) Then I'm guessing again that the KLF-C7 might be a better match, I do know it is a good one. Just my opinion and where I would start if I were in your shoes. I would however keep an eye out for other solutions and swap them in to compare in your room. If you are patient and buy them right you can dump them quickly usually for little to no loss If you by chance get it right the first time. You are among the few who lost out on all the fun
  2. I agree with this 99% I had KG5.5's with a Boston VR12 Center and it blended seamlessly ( Daughter has them now) At @colterphoto1 had LaScala Fronts with a KLF - C7 Center and Cornwall rears and it sounded really good as well. More often than not mixed systems show the weakness ! and I would avoid if at all possible. I currently have 3 HT Setups and all 3 have matching L,C,R but when that isn't an option I would stick to matching lines.
  3. I was going to go with MCM's but that is a small community MWM/402 and with your New Sub ! I don't think you could do any better
  4. I was going to go with MCM's but that is a small community
  5. Never met him in a person but I sure wish I had ! Never seen anyone who could have such a calming and positive effect with just a keyboard . As much as I envied that he had Palladiums and Jubes , I was much more envious of how he came across as a person. I think the next time I see a post that ruffles my feathers I will try to go with WWBD (What Would Box Do)
  6. Talented young lady ! you should be proud
  7. I have never regretted keeping any of my Klipsch speakers , I have only regretted selling them
  8. I'm certainly interested ! You have any dates in mind ?
  9. @Youthman I love the examples you chose as I have all 3 MCM - L,C,R KL650 - L,C,R,LR,RR Lascala - L,C,R,LR,RR
  10. @jason str brought a Table Tuba to a gathering at Seth's @Lemon string house and they used it with @jimjimbo s Super Heresy's it was very nice looking and sounded very good . They never pushed it hard and I believe Jason has stated it is no match for a Tuba but it would be my first option if I were in your shoes , especially with your skills
  11. Maybe a little But Dads is awfully Nice
  12. You pretty much were addressing everyone in the forum with your statement when you at the very least insinuated that Klipsch and Paradigm were not HiFi but Tekton's were . This is forum for people that enjoy Klipsch products , So a very broad statement from someone with I'm guessing a very narrow range of experience with Klipsch Products. Tekton makes some nice speakers , Iv'e only heard the Pendragons in person . I know they have several models above that , but I could name alot of Klipsch speakers that would slay those Pendragon's Of course this only my opinion . Maybe you can tell me witch Tekton's you've heard and which (Non HiFi ) Klipsch you've heard so I can try to understand your statement a little better !
  13. Just Wow ! I'm speechless Something you might want to consider some time
  14. John I tried to dance around it but , I think you would have rough time getting $1400 back if you wanted to sell them I'm not even sure you would get $1200 unless you found the right buyer .
  15. Just my opinion but LSI's can be had for half of that or less and I like them much better ! Have you heard LaScala's or Corwall's ? I have some LSI's ( LaScala Pro Version) and some Split LSI's you could listen to and although I can't speak for him there is a forum member about 10 min's or less from me that has Cornwall's ( I think ? because he did get some KHorns) I am in Geneva and he is in Batavia neither of which are very far from you . If that's something you want to do , I can try and contact him and maybe if we behave he'll play those KHorns for us as well If we are really Lucky maybe he ( @Lemon string ) he will have another Chicago Land GTG and everyone who has attended one will tell you , He has a great place and is an amazing Host The only problem might be timing if you are in hurry . The rarity and condition of those speakers might make them special but the price IMHO does not. I can Demo my speakers any time for you LaScala's with a horn loaded Sub are pound for pound hard to beat I should mention that some prefer Cornwall's and they are Great Speakers !
  16. Those are beautiful ! and really nicely done. I still regret selling mine
  17. You go there and you're going you're going to end up the front Dog
  18. I have the Sewell Deadbolts and really like them . Haven't had the others mentioned so I can't comment as to which are better . Full disclosure , this is coming from a guy who bought some Sewell quick connects ,spring loaded so you squeeze them and insert the wire, when you push them into the speaker it releases the wire the only thing dumber than the design is the idiot that buys them
  19. Those look beautiful , Nice Work !
  20. Kinda figured that's what happened
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