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  1. I have a Denon DL-80 cartridge. What type of preamp do I need? MM or MC. Thanks
  2. Hooking up a Denon DP-47F to a newer H / K AVR 3600. Does it take a phono preamp? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Tuck1186


    If I opened up my '85 heresies and found E-2 crossovers, would that be a upgrade from a previous owner?
  4. Tuck1186

    Sunfire amp

    I have a question. Would a Sunfire Cinema Grand be a good match/complement for my Cornscala style C fronts,La Scala I center, and Heresy I surrounds? Thanks
  5. Tuck1186


    Thinking about upgrading my 15" Bob Crites woofers, any suggestions?
  6. Tuck1186

    Sound deadening

    I'm finally putting sound deadening in my cornscalas. Do I install it on just the top,sides and bottom? Or the back also.
  7. The "we" in the post is Solen Inc. they started to building crossovers.
  8. I'm building a pair of cornscalas using: Selenium D220Ti drivers Selenium HM 11-25 horns Faital HF200 mid drivers M2380 horns CW 1526CF woofers I've been looking for a set of extreme-slope crossovers. Was told "the steepest slope we can do for you is 24db. How would I calculate exactly what I need. Thanks
  9. I'm building a pair of cornscalas. Thinking about putting the crossovers together myself. What's a good site for a parts list and the material? Thanks
  10. I'm building a pair of Cornscalas. What would be a nice mids and woofers for the speakers. Already have on order Selenium D220Ti and HM 11-25. Thanks
  11. What would be a good center speak to go with a couple of Heresy? Thank You
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