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  1. Still available for anyone interested. Great sounding amp.
  2. I have a Juicy Music “Super Merlin” tube line stage and matching Tercel II phono stage. Although I don’t really want to sell either, I might could be talked out of them for the right price. PM me if interested.
  3. Still available. Lots of interest but no one has pulled the trigger yet.
  4. Good morning guys. Thanks to fellow members for adding some details in the comments. I listed this for sale late last night; I should have put the details in the listing for those unfamiliar. I'll do that now... The amp is rated at 45 watts/channel ultra-linear and 30 watts/channel in triode. It is indeed switchable on the fly with toggle switches just behind the outside small signal 12AU7 tubes. If you look closely at the last picture you will see the switches. Let me know if you have further questions.
  5. NOS Valves VRD Stereo amplifier for sale in good condition. Great sounding amp, for those unfamiliar. 45 watts/channel ultra-linear and 30 watts/channel in triode. It is switchable on the fly with toggle switches just behind the outside small signal tubes. The previous owner labeled the tube positions with a label maker, and I decided to leave them. They will easily peel off if you so desire. I am including a new quad of Electro-Harmonix KT-88's with about 20 hours on them. The rectifiers are new production Ruby 5AR4's, the 12AU7's are JJ's and the 12AX7's are Electro-Harmonix. I do have a copy of the manual. The last pic shows a couple dings on the transformer covers behind where the output tubes sit. SOLD
  6. Sorry to hear this news. He was a help to so many and will be missed. Rest In Peace.
  7. I can also highly recommend dealing with the original poster A1UC. I’ve purchased several pieces of gear from him and always first class across the board. You won’t be disappointed. Go for it.
  8. If you were in Florida I’d buy this. I have a rack similar to this one and could use another. Alas, shipping would probably be cost prohibitive.
  9. It's not doing me any good these days. Would like to pass it on to someone here who has a MC cartridge.
  10. Up for sale is my AUDIOQUEST DM-1000 MC cartridge demagnetizer. It does a good job of eliminating the magnetic buildup on the core material used in moving coil cartridges. It works great and is in excellent condition. No marks on the chassis. In general, after using the demagnetizer (some also call these ‘flux busters’) the sound is smoother, more open and the depth is enhanced. This unit uses four AAA batteries which are included. I'm selling because this has just been sitting since I moved to a Moving Iron, high output cartridge a while back. These are strictly for Moving Coil cartridges. SOLD
  11. Breakdown7


    Still available...I can go $950 for the MR78 and sell the wood case separately if anyone is interested.
  12. Breakdown7


    If anyone is interested, feel free to message me with an offer. I’d love to sell this to a forum member.
  13. Breakdown7


    Decided to offer my MR78 tuner for sale. This was McIntosh's flagship tuner and for good reason. It really must be seen and heard to appreciate. The wood case and tuner itself are in beautiful condition, as can be seen in the photos. All functions work perfectly, including all the lamps. I bought this from the original owner here locally. This has never been serviced since it was purchased new, yet still functions perfectly and used on a weekly basis throughout it's lifetime. 100% original. The wood case was purchased new with the tuner. Original factory McIntosh box included with all the original packing material. Factory issued owners manual, service manual and other paperwork included. Probably one of the cleanest MR78's you will run across. SOLD
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