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  1. I'll figure out a shipping quote and send you a message with the total...thanks.
  2. These are still available. They are extremely good for the money, for those who are not familiar with Juicy Music products. And both units come with excellent tubes.
  3. Yea I've swapped the tubes around in the amps and same noise was still there. Tubes was also my first guess. I talked to Craig about them and he's just going to go over the amps again in the fall or winter when he isn't as busy, as we were unable to pinpoint the issue. I wouldn't want to sell them at full price to anyone with a potential cold solder joint, etc. Probably/hopefully a simple fix. So I'll just box them up for now and put them in the closet.
  4. Update: I have decided to keep the VRD's for now. I haven't powered them on much since Craig did the full recap and checkup. However, upon running them in a bit after I posted this thread, one of the amps has developed some noise upon powering up... and as of this afternoon, I was hearing a little distortion when turned up. Therefore I am going to keep the VRD's until Craig has time to work on them again and figure out the issue. If someone here is comfortable working on tube amps and is still interested in the VRD's, I'd make them a great deal. Otherwise I'll just keep them and send them back to Craig in the fall/winter when his schedule permits. The Juicy Music Super Merlin preamp and Tercel II phono stage are still available.
  5. Craig recommended those and said he had plans to use these same capacitors in his own amps when he gets around to doing it. He also said they take a long time to break in, like 500 hours, which I have not done. I’ve put maybe 50 hours on them since the recap. Between a job change, family medical event, and a death in my immediate family…. I just haven’t had time for audio. That’s why I’ve chosen to sell this gear. But that’s the story with the caps.
  6. Klipschorns from the 80’s, Heresy III’s, and Cornwall III’s. All of which have all been sold unfortunately.
  7. Thanks fellas. Craig is doing good. He’s not building new gear due to the cost of materials, having to order in bulk, etc., but still doing repairs and upgrades.
  8. Finally, here is a pic of the inside of one of the VRD amps.
  9. Juicy Music Super Merlin tube preamplifier with walnut wood panels. In my opinion, this was one of the best sounding preamps ever built by Mark Deneen, and I've owned the Peach, Blueberry and BBX. The Super Merlin is the one I chose to keep. It's in excellent condition with no issues or flaws. Auricap capacitors made by Audience. 6H30 Electro Harmonix gold pin super tube with low hours included. NOS SER Sweedish made 6X4 tube rectifier included as well. Tubes are fresh with very low hours. The preamp has never presented me with any issues over the years and is still as quiet as it was when brand new. $1000 Juicy Music Tercel II phono preamp with Cream (both MM and MC capability). I have used this both with MM carts and MC carts with great results. Walnut wood base. It still looks like new. Tubes are a pair of Valvo ECC81 (12AT7's) and a Mullard ECC83(12AX7). Manual included. $1000 The VRD’s I had for sale I’m going to keep for the time being. All prices are net to me. Local pickup is available in north/central FL area. Buyer is responsible for shipping charges. Please feel free to reach out to me for more detailed pics.
  10. I have had a Juicy Music Super Merlin preamp for a long time and never had an issue with the volume or gain pots. I believe mine are Alps Blue Velvet, if I’m not mistaken.
  11. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/profile/5357-nosvalves/
  12. You could send it to Craig at NOS Valves, as I’m sure he’d be willing to repair this and give your unit a check up.
  13. I second the above comment. The MC30’s are tube rectified, unlike the MC225. They also use a different family of output tubes. I wouldn’t say which model I preferred, as I own them both. They are just different sounding amps, both equally wonderful in my experience. Good luck with your search.
  14. Now that was fast! Congrats to the buyer and seller.
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