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  1. I’ve been out of hifi for a bit while my daughter was born last year. Sold my VRD’s and NBS both to fellow forum members here. But I’m easing back in. McIntosh MC30’s are amps that I’ve never heard before but always wanted to. I love the beautiful condition of these and the fact they were fully rebuilt by Craig...and owned by a very knowledgeable forum member. I’m gonna finalize the details for possible delivery of these in April.
  2. I’m selling my Audioquest Nighthawk headphones. They have very little use. Comes with everything just as new, including the original box from AudioAdvisor. Two factory cables, manual, polishing cloth, etc. Excellent condition. $235 shipped SOLD
  3. Breakdown7

    What I Got Today!

    Beautiful preamp. I’ve always wanted to hear how a Shindo compares to my Joule Electra. Congrats and enjoy.
  4. Condolences for your loss... you'll never forget the love and joy this dog brought to your life. Very nice tribute you put together for her. Seems like this pup had a great home and family that loved her dearly. I still remember my two German Shepards (sisters from the same litter) I grew up with as a child MANY years ago. Spent everyday with them from around the age of 6 to 18. Now all these years later, I still feel the loss as I type this. Your pup had beautiful blue eyes and seemed like such a happy spirited doggie in the photos. Best wishes to you guys.
  5. Any interest in this on the forum before it’s off to Audiogon or ebay? I'm happy to send detailed pictures to anyone interested.
  6. Doing well, thanks 🙂 ...newborn is 4 months old now. Growing fast. Life is busy and great with a young family. How are those beautiful Magnequest VRD’s doing? I miss em’.
  7. Any offers here before I list them on eBay?
  8. Breakdown7


    I think Chuck Norris has a pair of these. Beautiful finish. Very rare.
  9. If anyone is interested in my GS1000 headphones, I can do $600 shipped.
  10. The RA-1 amp is SOLD. The GS1000 headphones still available.
  11. Any interest in these from anyone on the forum? The GS1000 was Grado’s premier headphone, from the “Statement Series”. Excellent cans that look and sound great. Near mint condition with very little use. I would be willing to cut the price to $700 shipped for these headphones and the RA-1 amplifier. They are a perfect match together and the sound is very detailed and transparent, yet still sweet and musical. I just haven’t found time to listen to headphones lately with a new baby in the house. I was able to upload one picture, but the others wouldn’t fit due to the size limit. Send me a message if you’d like some detailed pics. Thnx...David
  12. I hated to sell these. But my wife is going to be out of work longer than we had expected/budgeted with the baby, so it is what it is. These are some awesome amps... Schu, you will notice another layer of refinement with these over the standard builds, which are also great sounding amps. I know I’m gonna kick myself for selling these. Already having sellers remorse. But family comes first, and I’m glad the amps stayed here in the Klipsch community. I’ll be putting some nice tubes up for grabs soon.
  13. I use a Soundsmith Zephyr and love it. Very nice cartridges and highly recommended. Can’t go wrong with this deal.
  14. Very nice. I used to have a pair of these when they were first introduced. I miss them.
  15. I'm not sure what type of walnut it is, but the figuring is beautiful. Grain matched. I like the satin finish too. My first pair of standard build VRD amps were walnut, but they had a lacquer gloss finish, which I didn't care for as much personally.
  16. You are exactly right. I personally don't know of anything I could replace these with for the money. To my knowledge, only three pairs of the Magnequest VRD's are in existence. Only setting them free, as my wife is out of work right now with our new baby girl. Trying to free up some cash if possible. Family comes first. My priorities have shifted at the moment.
  17. You are exactly right. There are several regrets I have for selling gear throughout the years. My NBS, for instance. Great sounding preamp that sounded way better than the price of admission. Sold it to a fellow member here so at least it stayed in the Klipsch family. Never got a chance to hear it with the Magnequest VRD amps. And my biggest gear regret was probably selling my Joule Electra LA-300 ME Platinum preamp. I've never before or since heard a preamp that sounded more live, real, and natural. I miss that preamp a lot. Granted, it was very expensive. But I sold it to help with some home remodeling, so it is what it is. Kinda like these amps really. I don't want to sell them, but it will help us out financially if they do find a new home. I'm sure there are plenty other members here with regrets concerning gear sales also. Such is the nature of the hobby I guess. Life happens, new/different priorities take over, and treasured gear ends up for sale.
  18. I think they might just be worth the risk🤔. Haha. But all joking aside, the amps are very special. Once my wife goes back to work, I may end up pulling them off the market and keeping them indefinitely. Only reason for listing them in the first place was financial reasons. Our newborn is growing like a weed, so shouldn’t be too much longer.
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