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  1. I sent you 2 texts, check your phone. (not about Belles though). No texts
  2. How I found the ad without seeing that link is interesting....oh well the search continues.
  3. Any of these finishes would be perfect http://s1253.photobucket.com/user/mrjazz1959/media/alura17.jpg.html?filters[user]=129181457&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
  4. Wow.........wish I could have acquired this pair the seller list them as mint($1750.00). They look about as clean as any I have ever seen. And were sold in this area, :-( http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649234791-belle-klipsch-speakers/
  5. I do not mind the prices as much as the shipping i cant find any in the DMV. (DC,MD,VA) area. Thanks for the help Tasdom
  6. Sounds good the only problem is finding a pair in my area. Found a post and thought i hit the jack pot then i noticed "SOLD" in the ad.
  7. USN That's good to know information since my musical taste are contemporary jazz and jazz fusion the Belle seems to be a great choice and affordable.
  8. Great looking Belles, and thanks for your service USN.
  9. Bruce I use that technique all the time to tone down the harsh mids on my Cornwall3's and it is very effective. Since i use a Bryston bdp and not CD's I remaster all my music myself through Adobe Audition and convert to 96K files. But will the Scalla give me a more robust bass than a Belle?
  10. Thanks and i will keep that in mind but looking local to save on shipping gives me more money to spend on the speakers. I am very familiar with the Volti speakers, They were just at an audio show here in Rockville MD. He does great work I remember when his prices doubled. If I am not mistaken he did offer them without sub for around 11,000.00$ now around 20,000.00. Great looking speakers.
  11. I thought this was a good deal but the seller wants $1500.00 to pack and ship them at that cost I could buy a local used pair of B&W 800 series speakers :-) http://www.ebay.com/itm/112032260678?euid=0aa038fd26f24f38a65fcde60e2c2a13&bu=43143608070&cp=1&sojTags=bu=bu
  12. I do not have the option for a set of KHorn's as my walls and corner walls were just treated and I do not want to try and remove all the foam treatment from them. So corner speakers are not going to be an option for me. I love the look of the belle's but sound is more important. I never considered the scalla as I thought it would produce the same bass as the belle just in a bit less attractive package. I am still not sure about the controversy as to whether the Klipsch Belle was strictly designed to get waf, or as a center channel for the KHorn. But i want to use it as a full range audio speaker wo a subwoofer if possible. I have CW3'S now but want to upgrade. They sound good with my new YGGY but mid range is less than desirable. I know i will lose some bass but hope it is not that significant. Of course i realize i could get an 2005 model that has been modified and damaged but as i said the odds would be slightly less IMHO. But maybe I should settle for any model year in 9/10 condition if possible.
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