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  1. For what it is worth, If you can wait I would, see what happens to the top models as the new ones for 2014 come out, I got a great deal from a forum member on my Onkyo. I would have to agree with everything that the others have said, you would be fine with pretty much any AVR that they have suggested, but I would get one with pre-outs for sure. You never know how long before you try an extra amp.
  2. elninoloco7, what were your two old subs? By your picture I think they are the JBL that I have. I have never seen anyone with them, I bought mine over ten years ago, and just yesterday got a SVS PB-13 Ultra. Your room looks great! I do not have the room for wides but am considering doing the heights.
  3. That sounds like an awesome deal to me. I love my RF-7II setup, I got the RF-7II from a forum member and purchased the rest new, and using old subwoofer from old setup. I have more invested than $2,900. If you can do it for that price jump NOW!
  4. I agree. Maybe run the calibration a few times. I have the RF-7 II and RC-64 II I have them all crossed at 60 hz, perhaps in your room that is what the processor thinks is best. Power should not be an issue for you, so you may play around with settings and see what you think sounds best.
  5. You can cross them there but you will be reaching thier limit. I do not know if that would be a problem, I doubt it. I have some small JBL N24's as my rear surrounds and they are rated to 85 and I have them set in the AVR for 80. I have not heard any distortion from them, problem I have is it is hard to hear them since they kind of suck compared to the other speakers, but they are all that will fit in alloted space. My advice to you, which is not worth much, is to get the best speakers you can afford, do not worry about buying them all at once. If size is a constraint then get the largest that will fit, the "impact" of the speaker will be greater. Good quality speakers are something that will last, as long as you take care of them. You AVR will drive them fine, however down the road you will probably get the itch to try seperates, and that is another expense and it keeps growing from there. Everything makes a difference, but I think the best money is spent on good speakers that you will have for a long time. Good luck and enjoy!!
  6. Your setup is awesome. I only wish I had as nice of a room as yours. I think I am going to try and use the height channels, based on your comments and the comments of others. Your RB-75's look great!
  7. Thank you for your responses. I did not know that A-DSX and Dolby recommend different types of speakers.
  8. To Tasdom, I will be interested to hear what you think, for me I do not have the room for wides so heights is all I can do. Willand it is a JBL do not have the number handy, 12" woofer 300 Watt amp, about 12 years old. I agree about "subwooferage" I am saving for that right now. Just curious about thoughts or experiences. To Youthman I know you have a very well set up 5.1 system I read through your build thread and that is why I have the smaller JBL Northridge 24's as my two rear channels, only way I could get them to the right level and behind my listening position. I saw what your issue with the RB-35's was. I would have made the same mistake. I am just curious if mounting RB-81's as heights will add anything or not. I think you of all people know about that "ITCH."
  9. Hello all, I am wondering how many of you have a 9.1 or 7.1 system using the Height speakers channel. What are your opinions? On the Dolby site they make it out to sound like the best thing ever, but what do you expect. I have found the advice and reviews by the forum members to be very helpful and have been building my system accordingly. My room size is not very big 15.5' by 12.5' with 8' ceilings, I know I already have way more speaker than needed for this size room with the RF-7II's but I am future proofing. [] I am planning on using RB-81II's for the height channels. I can not use them for rear surrounds due to lack of room in current house. Can anyone tell me if height channels are worth it or are they just a gimick? I know that I could use a smaller speaker but I am going for top of the Reference Line setup. Thanks in advance.
  10. I am not an "audiophile" but I have not found the RF-7 II's to be to bright. I think they sound great, however each person hears things differently. I have always had them hooked up to the Emotiva amp so I can not speak to the amplification from Onkyo, but I think if you listen to a pair set up right they should not be to bright. Just my two cents.
  11. I second that notion. Thank you all for the replies. I will receive them on Friday, I did not know that there were "feet" included, and you all have answered my question about having a wall plate behind it. I can add that when we move, years from now, so that the wires are not just hanging there. You guys are always a big help! Thank you.
  12. I am trying to do as clean of a job as I can for WAF. I see that many of you have the RS speakers mounted flush to the wall. My question is do you just have the speaker wire coming through the wall, or do you have a plate back there. If there is a plate I am surprised that there is that much room, and I will purchase one, or is it an illusion and you are not flush against the wall. Any responses are appreciated. If I should put this in the Architectual section I will. Thank you
  13. What is in my signature is my system. Had JBL Northridge book shelves as mains for years then the RF-7II's. No comparison, huge improvement. I am running with the Onkyo and Emotiva XPA-5. Tried the Onkyo first, sounded great, but added the XPA-5 much more "punch" and better dynamics. I do have a hum in my speakers from the amp that I am not happy with, however the amp does add alot to the system. As an example I watched Return of the Jedi, during the speeder bike chase scene, and I heard sounds and impacts more than I had ever heard before. I would recommend getting a AVR with the pre-outs, that way you can always add an amp. Not necessary but once you have one you do not want to be without. Sorry about being long winded, hope this helps. Also you do not have to have XLR for the amp regular RCA will work, however XLR may be "better", I do not know.
  14. Bandages could be necessary. [] However, I meant once you start with seperates and hear the extra dynamics that you get from a "real" amp, you will not go back to the amps in an AVR. That is how I have felt, I had my Yamaha AVR for 10 years and thought that it sounded great, 75 watts per channel, moved up to the Onkyo 140 watts per channel and thought little improvment, added an amp and WOW! I wish I had something analyitical to say about it but instead it is just subjective, and that is it adds "punch" and more detail to your movies. Also I upgraded to the Klipsch Reference series speakers and that had a significant impact also. [] I have, and most here have also, already sold our souls and are always willing to help others join us. [6]
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