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  1. I know I hear crowd noise in concerts but effects in movies seem few and far between. However, I also dont stand back there listening for them. They are nice big Ol’ rear surrounds and look cool hanging from my floor joists bracket aiming down toward us. BUT, I have read somewhere 5.2.2 can be better option than 7.2. I guess only one way to find out.
  2. I almost always watch Blu-ray’s down there exclusively. So I usually just default to Dolby true HD or whatever it says on the setup. I’ll have to give that a try
  3. I do give them a slight boost, after I run YPAO . Still...crickets..
  4. Good evening all, The times that I have actually heard my rear surround speakers in 7.2 configuration, are few and far between. I remember one specific movie, “Jack Ryan-Shadow Recruit” with Chris Pine. there was an explosion in a helicopter scene and it was the first time I heard them and it sounded really awesome, however that’s about the only time that comes to mind that I actually noticed them. Are they playing much more ambient sound than I realize? I’m just wondering if I could move them to Atmos duty in a 5.2.2 configuration. I spray painted my floor joists black and they would fit in well up there but I’m not sure the dispersion pattern is correct for Atmos. Or Possibly other problems that are over my head even. (No pun intended..atmos..I kill me) If that is a bad idea I could always sell them and get the CDT 5800, I believe I’ve read that’s a good choice. I’m finally getting actual walls and a screen in my basement home theater after assembling things for the past 12 years. I have six children and I think John Lennon said it best when he said something to the effect of,”life is what happens when you try to make plans.” Anyway, any and all comments or suggestions are appreciated. I know I always say this on the few posts that I do make. The most important resource we have is our time, I appreciate any spent helping me on this post!
  5. FYI The PB12/2 Ultra I believe, was even better than what I had. I had the PB12/2 plus
  6. I had 3 at one point and two for years. They were awesome subs! Dang concrete basements!!! 😡 The midbass was awesome especially. YouTube has a surroundsound demo with just a picture of a T-Rex on it. The footsteps of him coming shook my house almost as much as my JTR! They were a force to be reckoned with. Enjoy!
  7. If you have not already seen Roger Waters-The Wall BluRay from 2015. It’s a must see for Pink Floyd fans. AWESOME sound! First couple seconds will surprise you, Turn it up!
  8. Many videos on youtube to fix this issue. I have a set of ProMedia 2.1 in all four of my kids bedrooms and occasionally we apply the methods in videos to clean with electronics contact cleaner inside the speaker with the electronics and volume knob. Very easy to do for even a novice. HOPEFULLY it will work for you as well.
  9. Thanks a lot Mike! Yep, Im feeling really great, definitely hoping to stay that way! Especially since Im getting rid of my coffin now I think I was just talking about getting the sub when we talked last and I was saying it was my last sub and I could even be buried in it. It definitely is a beast and I’m not just trying to sell it. I really appreciate your offer about the shipping! You guys are always willing to help Ive seen it MANY MANY times on this forum. It speaks volumes!
  10. Thank you sir! Today was definitely not my favorite day. However, we’ll live to fight another day! I’ll never be able to top your museum of awesomeness I got to see for myself. But, I’ll be back! 🙂
  11. *********Keeping for now************Sub sold******If your reading this post you are probably familiar with this sub. My wife and I Drove up to Wisconsin March 2018 And picked it up and have had a smile on my face from ear to ear every time I watch a movie or listen to music. Others who come listen are in AWE! Wish I didn't have to sell it and tried my best last few months not to but had some serious health issues and was out of work for six months and need the money to help recover from it. LIFE, is what happens when you make plans! Additionally it’s a coronavirus out of work sale now! Must see(feel) to appreciate! Demos to seriously interested individuals. Specs below. Black duratex finish $2800.00 SUBWOOFER SOLD Additional items for sale: 3-RF-7ii 2500.00 all three LCR 2-RS62-ii 300.00 pair 2-RB81ii 350.00 pair Panasonic AE8000u with new Additional manufacturer bulb and new color filters 600.00 Yamaha RX-A1010 250.00 B&K 200.7 600.00 Everything in great condition. Some of the speakers have been sitting there since they were purchased never moved. All price on items is somewhat negotiable. Email through listing or Texts only please to: six three six -795-nine nine two zero Local pick up in the St. Louis area only
  12. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/union-nice-stereo-collection/6966198566.html Doesn’t look like he’s wanting to separate though n/a
  13. I realize the AVR he is looking at has more wattage than my Yamaha had but it is still split up correct? Thats not all channels driven? I’m not exactly sure of all the technicalities but I know it’s something to that effect .
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