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  1. Thanks for the links, I've contacted both these suppliers, and neither have the correct size. Apparently these K-8-K speakers have a non-standard size. Unfortunately, it's the inside diameter of the surround that's the problem. Most of the rubber surrounds I'm finding are 5.5" ID which is the same as the OD of the cone. Here are the vendors I've tried (I'm waiting for a support request email response from a few of these. reconingspeakers.com ebay.com www.parts-express.co www.midwestspeaker.com www.speakerrepairshop.nl www.speakerworks.com www.simplyspeakers.com www.speakerrepair.com www.newfoam.com
  2. That's what I thought based on the searching I've done so far on the Klipsch website and authorized dealer sites. Any suggestions? I don't particularly want to replace the drivers, other than the cracked surrounds they seem perfectly fine. The rubber on one of the speakers is pretty extensively damaged, so I don't think it could be repaired with glue.
  3. Thanks for the response Neil, I didn't realize you could get parts for vintage speakers directly from Klipsch. I will pursue that approach.
  4. I have a couple K-8-K, 8" woofers from a KG 4 speaker that need new surrounds. I've been looking for a DIY surround, but I'm only finding "foam" and not rubber surrounds at palces like Parts Express, Simply Speakers, and Speaker Exchange. Any idea where I can get actual replacement (rubber) surrounds? Can the surrounds be replaced with foam instead? Thanks!
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