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  1. Wow. I have heard other stories as well. I would go to jail if I met the guys that did that. Really makes a guy step back and think....is anything worth it. At one time a guy could get a good deal. You can get better deals at Walmart for most things. Occasionally there is specialty items though... Then everything was always broken it seemed. Then rapes etc...and now killing. My last few purchases were off ebay and meeting for pickup etc. Craigslist is a crap shoot. Not even worth a chance...I mean buy a tv at the police station...so plug it in and make sure the hdmi works etc...and what all else etc...I probably bought 100 things and sold over 100 on clist and I always gave them a 30 day warranty no crap. Never heard anything back from one sale...I have been burned 5 or 6 times with things that were broke. Win some and ya lose some. But not worth losing a life
  2. SSH takes the money $20 via paypal per person and pays for The lunch for a klipsch employee and your lunch Friday. Then factory tour. Pm Dave Mallette and let Thaddeus Smith know your going to get a nametag Sweet Cheers
  3. Just for you... humpingcars.jpg Dave Is that where Volkswagons come from? Well i'll be darned...always wondered bout them things
  4. Man is scrappys setup nice! I have to say maybe 8 months ago I was so palladium crazy and they do sound outstanding but....The rf7ii is absolutely 1 heck of a speaker. The mix of the lil wrecker and rf7ii has to be a match made in heaven and a perfect spot to park audio nirvana on for a lifetime! Last night I was reading about the othorn&gellerhorn(or whatever they are) and I kept looking back at the lil wrecker. The lil wrecker is top force imo. Especially with that 47lb driver(basically the cherry on top). That lil wrecker may become my screensaver some people put an escalade on their mirror etc... I put the lil wrecker so one day I can have one
  5. They are quite large. I forget the height but close to a klipschorn, maybe an inch taller. The 1st time seeing them they are striking and overwhelming. There is 1 right by the door at indy klipsch hq
  6. Craigslist around northeast Indiana is a COMPLETE joke. Its all phishing or complete junk. Theres almost better stuff in the free section around here than for sale lol I don't even bother anymore with selling or buying and rarely even look. It was once a good option. Looks like other cities are ok but I still have to wonder.
  7. That looks great!. The fireplace is awesome too for stabilization&bass trap. Man looks like it was meant to be there. I showed a buddy of mine pics of it earlier and he was quite impressed. Congratulations!
  8. I was joking gosh 5-6hr drive thank you higher power! at least I aint the only one driving FAR we're at least double that here
  9. Comparing a McIntosh to my Chinese yaqin tube amp is distant but I have heard mac gear and I know what sounds good and what doesn't work. Now this is a little different to hook up a tube amp to an avr but the el34 yaqin I use ran off of several avr's and sounds very good as both mains and 2 channel. With the new Marantz sr5008 im using I hooked it up for the 1st time last night with the el34 yaqin and it sounds extremely clean and with added low frequency effects from the .2 sw'r preouts off my avr. With my previous 2 Harman kardons avr's I would not have had it any other way than with this yaqin el34 on there. As well as the denon I used in between the 2 hk's. There is also a niles switch setup Craig(mustang guy) uses to go back and forth between his integra surround sound pre and fisher tube amp for his lascalas. I must say as well these days separates seem to be overkill unless somebody needs pics for a magazine article. Unless of course we need headroom or for bi/tri amp needs etc or were using speakers less than 93db. Imo money is best put on tubes for mains and 2ch and second crossovers and let a receiver do the rest. Now i'll stand back while my post gets a barrage of tomatoes
  10. My experience: I am strictly 2-channel (well, 2.2). Prior to the my current RC-1070, I was running the RSP-1068 in "stereo" mode. Hands down, in every aspect, the 1070 wins !!! Much better sound, extremely user friendly, very sleek and simple. If you do not need a processor, my advice, don't buy one! They are a pain!!! Once set to your liking they are fine. However, initial setup of the RSP took me over 1/2 day, and that is just programming it... Don't get me wrong, the RSP was nice and did sound wonderful, just not my cup of tea. Keep it simple ♪ ♫ ♪ I used a 1068(it had to be) for a short time last year and it was overall better imo than 3 adcom preamps Iv owned, plus had sub output...sq for my buddy with his planars was very good for him as well in 2ch, at least with planars and he's still using it. I always had at least 1 adcom preamp until about a year ago. Just real solid simple 2ch preamps. Still like 1 sometime or grab a rotel 1070. I have an old tube amp my buddy wants to trade for that 1068 and I just cant let go yet. Another great thought is watching for a killer older 5.1 pre(non hdmi) for 2ch or 2.1. I had watched for McIntosh gear for a few months to buy for the long haul and nothing popped up. That said theres a huge range of super high end 5.1 preamps around. Older mac gear is through the sky though but never know. If I were you youthman I would hold tight and wait til all these tax money people quit sweeping everything up and watch for a crazy even possibly mac 5.1 pre...I was watching in the 5-600 $ range and ended up keeping along the same route I was and staying surround avr for main room listening(mxr dad hooked me up real nice).
  11. HHAAAAAAAAHAAHAHAHA! yep...been saving them up for that green pair of lascalas. You know the ones with radio shack mach woofers in them and one tweeter and a blown k55 but they sound perfect
  12. HAAHAAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha will do! I'll try to be there about the 21st its a little blue powder puff crashem up derby car, i'll honk! Little river band will be blaring LOUD
  13. Heck I have 234 warning points right now, it don't matter. Theres almost no limit. At 1000 they ban you for a week. Its all good
  14. Lol hahahahahaahaha You might want to hang out down at the grocery...you'll hear&feel it! Then once the shock waves settle enough to walk it must be tuned for listening. So then drive home and enjoy!
  15. Absolutely..can you pull down a little gas and I need 1 new tire? Once I get back from Hope I'll gas up and be on my way...I would love to do it for free but my pockets are a bit shallow...how bout $375?
  16. My 1st ported 15 was a soundstream spl 15 in 1996 lol before that it was just a little radio shack 8 lol then 2 15's then several 18's in a car But I couldn't even stabilize 1 18 so it was back to 15's...I had buddies with 20 real good 15's and that's discouraging with only 2 lol Now days to get close to the same bass I had with 2 15's in a car at home today is perfect but supreme quality bass well I have to accept my limitations...You my friend have got it made! Iv only heard ib's in cars...I guess that's what they were...I had my doubts about ib just like I had doubt in accepting horn subs...I have no doubt today...its a big hill to climb after many years of believing in and hearing direct subs. Horn subs rule the world!!!!!!
  17. I would love to hear it and have this xls2500 and eq but id hate to stress Carl out to go through the trouble. Low freeq shock waves make people hide and stuff. we want to be nice visitors lol..or better yet we could join the civil war reenactment with some live shelling kaboooms lol
  18. If you'll finance me I will buy it anytime.. Its absolutely superb. I would have one if I could afford it...its a dream...heck though when I joined the forum I couldn't wrap my head around having 2 18's in my living room so maybe a lilwreckers not that far off
  19. Come on mxrdad! bring it to Hope!!
  20. Just for you beeker, I tried it with a bic lighter. It blew it out about a foot from the mouth and it wasn't all the way up. This is really a subwoofer that stands out from the rest BIG TIME and will hold value for many, many years if taken care of. It is totally worth paying uship for shipping if somebody has the cash and love for quality bass. Too bad you couldn't load it up and pull it to Hope That would be awesome I will bring amp and eq It would be sweet to hear
  21. We are down here and checked in waiting for everybody right now Jim. Not really but aiming to be. Seen the bar b q thread you had for Memphis and that may be the best pit stop between here and there. We're booked fri&sat and might try Thursday also for convenience. Chicago...Im aiming for axpona this year possibly(lot going on between now and then but trying to)and thought about a beer/dinner with anybody else with the klipsch chcago gathering. axpona is april 24-26 at the westin by the airport. This looks like a real hoot
  22. One of the most super high end setups Iv seen had a tube pre and solid state amp but the cables alone were worth more than a pair of nib khorns and the tt was $100k+. The mansion was built around the music room. Anyhow I know there has been mixed emotion around here with tube pre and solid state amplification mixing but it happens to be a nice choice in many situations even if its for the glamour of the warm tubes. All in all In comparison with anything moving into something other including the 3490 for sq the difference would likely be minimal. Although some trial and error may prove otherwise. If your minds set on even a lateral change in pre the change would likely prove itself. I would possibly consider a rotel 7.1 pre for about $200-250 and run it 2 ch. This yields wonderful results and I know of others running a 1076(I believe) and love it for there 2 channel. Or hold out and get an acurus or find a juicy music pre. I use a Marantz 1403 primarily for 2 ch and or 2.1/2.2 music and love it as a pre, and there $250 with warranty and even less used. I had been using an old Harman avr430 for a pre with a tube amp for 2ch&2.1/2.2 and it sounded absolutely great and comparing it to the 3490 pre section imo they are equal...so I would say hold tight until you could find the matching acurus pre or a nice tube pre or maybe just pass. The 3490 is very nice
  23. ah ha so you are hiding people in these things lol its a portable hidden room lol with some sort of air conditioner, in this case a HUGE 15 and crown amp lol THERES A VID OF IT BLOWING A CANDLE OUT!!! Claudej1's 2 dts10's could of came close but not quite although not sure if anybody has tried with them
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