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  1. Right on! The R-8 is absolutely just fine. Im a kind of til the wheels fall off kind of guy. It was about 4 years ago I told a friend I want no more amps. then about maybe a month later he stopped by and I had a couple more. About a year later a divorce. Good thing to be honest but amps and speakers built a vault between her and I. Led to a new lady which led to many more speakers and amps. Its a wonderful thing around here to read and see everything everybody is buying and what they like about things. On top of that so much is klipsch derived. Anyhow i'd sure like to see what you think once your stacks are done. Iv heard a couple and think the stacks you are putting together could be a real champ.
  2. yeah your correct. you got it. wires from the amp. ironically I was switching amps when I wrote that. if its your 1st power amp watch out. once I started buying amps it was just as bad as buying speakers. hopefully you will just stop at 1. its all anybody needs for the most part
  3. Yes. The "send" rca's will provide pre-out's from your receiver. Hook the "send rca's" to a power amp then speaker wires to the preamp. EDIT:TYPO. AMP not pre
  4. specs for the yamaha r8 say it can deliver 85 watts x2@8ohms or 100 x2@6ohms You could possibly go ahead and try the 4ohm load and if you feel much(use your best judgment)extra heat dissipating from the Yamaha r8 vents. keep volume level very low testing then possibly a bit more at a time for testing. you will not need much power considering the efficiency of the cornscala. but even without extra heat it may fail. That said I myself have ran many receivers very hard(years ago when I really didn't care, I do now)and have seen many others run receivers as hard or more and never had an issue. The total harmonic distortion obviously will raise as you raise your ohm load. Some units actually take the load very well. As mentioned a large power amp would be a wise choice to save the wonderful speakers you are putting together from clipping. A bit more patience and possibly trading your receiver or buying a quality/you tested used pre&amp. This will provide a much better lasting foundation for many years. I looked the Yamaha r8 up and it appears to have pre-outs so all you really need is a power amp. The best choice is a power amp running from your Yamaha r-8 pre-outs. Considering just a bit more time/patience and find a descent quality used power amp and you will be good to go. I do see that the Yamaha r-8 is no doubt good at 16ohms. The R-8 is actually a nice looking heavy duty receiver
  5. anywhere anytime i'll try to be there
  6. The new Godzilla is great. At moderate volume levels my ears actually began to ring for the first time. My poor cat hit the ceiling at one point from a complete sleep while laying on my wifes recliner....Lfe were really nice....imo its a must have for bluray home theater collection. Did find some monologue that was a bit out of phase at about 1/3 the way in...other than that audio seemed very accurate for this type of flick. Almost 5 stars Wifes been bringing tons of blue rays home and between this and Django not much worth the time imo. Django has visual effects that were outta the park and audio was above average+. Very entertaining...must owns imo
  7. Im in Milwaukee now not sure if I could get to see them edit:its a great deal but im not interested atm. good luck zeus(mark)....hey buying khorns for $800 you can pass a super good deal on the cf4's now lol cheers!
  8. Distortion (or warping) is the alteration of the original shape (or other characteristic) of something, such as an object, image, sound or waveform. Distortion is usually unwanted, and so engineers strive to eliminate distortion, or minimize it. In some situations, however, distortion may be desirable. The important signal processing operation of heterodyning is based on nonlinear mixing of signals to cause intermodulation. Distortion is also used as a musical effect, particularly with electric guitars. Paul Klipsch avoided distortion by using horn loaded low frequency bass bins. It is a fact when a cone moves there is distortion produced. Its kind of a catch 22 although it is a fact. All paid or instructed sound engineers will tell you the same thing. You will flip some people out with this discussion although once this is understood it is okay. Some distortion is okay. What we want to avoid is distortion you do not like.
  9. For as clean as horn subs play, there's nothing like a DR to punch you in the chest. Im glad you said this...although some of that punch is actually distortion. From what has been told/shown to me when a woofer cone moves distortion is produced/present? But that is when the punch is best? This is some startling info although after understood its true. I love me some distortion apparently yet again the cones on my 18's move very little. Now everybody can spit at me and tell me im even more nuts than before ha A friend of mine had 8 pa bass bins(basically small home made mwm's with 18's) for pa...hooked up in a 800 sqft basement they had punch...still compared to 6 dr 18"s the dr's were what I craved and more people are use to. He had at 10 of these bass bins and sold 2 then gave away maybe 6 of them and still has maybe 2 left over. Direct subs are what most common people like or are drawn to because its what were normally accustomed to. Horn subs are so refined and efficient its almost like they are not playing...cause they are simply producing the bass at volume to what I would describe as perfection. DR sub distortion is addicting that's insane fries just had these on sale for $449 each. fries in Indianapolis had 2
  10. I would say you are going in a very good direction with this choice. Its a very good step up from where you were/are and if you feel you want more try a second sw115...in my opinion that would do for any above average home audio/theater enthusiast or audiophile/theaterphiles as well... The horn sub technology can take time to get up off the ground. Horn subs are premium in accuracy and sound quality although the sw115 is an easy plug and play sub that does very well. Cheers
  11. Iv been up there at this and its a hoot some years. Hope ya'll have a good one!
  12. beeker

    sub for KG2s

    what receiver or preamp are you running? what klipsch sub for $150? imo for mostly contemporary jazz a descent 10" sub will do very well with the kg2's
  13. beeker

    sub for KG2s

    what is your budget? kg2's are a good speaker. it will be fairly easy to find a sub to match up with them to reproduce good sound. also the kind of material you listen to may help determine what sub would be best for your uses. a nice 10" powered sub will do very well with your kg2's. there are choices that are very costly and others that are very economical including craigslist or ebay finding a used powered sub to match your kg2's well. it all comes down to budget and taste in material. if I were you I would simply start looking for something used locally on craigslist to test and see if you can find something that you will be happy with.
  14. all very nice speakers! as mentioned a lot of people do not like the black finish. Myself I chose black. In Chicago area I would start out at $900 on the klf30's and hold firm for a while unless someone shows $750 cash. Iv ran in to some very good klf30 deals in the past year at around $600 even 2 pairs less although that is a rare cost. Personally I believe they are well worth half of the original $1800 they were when new so id start there. Good luck. Nice speakers!
  15. Im pretty wacked out(like the dude beaker in my avatar), they call me beeker(its my name) and my old avatar was creepy..and im afraid to try a new avatar because I cant even post a pic since the envelopment of the new forum
  16. If it has a 24/192 converter give it a shot. Will likely be good to go
  17. Them 400's are pretty nice. From the a100 up I really found a liking to them all. They actually hang on the wall pretty well too. The theater models from the a60 up were a go to speaker for many theaters all over the place for quite some time. The only issue I had with the boston acoustics was the lack of highs...that's about the point I found klipsch made more speakers than the kg series only and klipsch highs are premium(imo)...so I dropped near everything and went klipsch. I still have a few pair of the boston acoustics, some with very good modifications. Real fun speaker and surprisingly they can be bought fairly reasonably although I find them to be better than what they sell for. The L166's are an essential monitor I feel everybody should give a try. On the klipsch forum the jbl L series have been discussed a few times. The biggest downfall I seen obviously was the crossovers. Crossovers seem to be a huge downfall with many speakers. The klf10 is supreme. Imo every bit as good as many reference if not better. Nice collection you have going...adding and switching testing to find what works best. Every room I have now is filled mostly by klipsch on the walls to the floors haha.. Cheers!
  18. I like your boston acoustics 400's. I went through a huge boston acoustics phase about the latter time of my infinity stage. Them L166's are nice too. cheers
  19. I know a great source but refuse to spam the boards. People are free to PM me though. crown out of Elkhart Indiana are always good techs as well Klipsch guys are fun... call in to parts to get a replacement driver and you might end up talking about Atmos for half an hour like I did. The second level Denon tech guys are like this too. That really is cool
  20. beeker


    Historic performance! And no save for him in game 7, he got the win in relief, for 3-0 in the World Series. It was a great game to watch. Sounds like they better save room for wvu80! and the other 2 giants fans around here. jk..congrats
  21. beeker


    congrats giant fans!
  22. beeker


    royals are afraid of him. you said it earlier in this thread you have to swing to have a chance and its true. royals should of been in attack mode. bum does have some near side arm left to right sliders that basically go around and over the corner of the plate. swinging at that's like swinging blind but still jump out and swing! watching a historical pitcher or not id sure like to see some swinging mania up there. id also love to hear what the royals are saying in the dugout...seems like they already left the stadium
  23. Blessings to all. About 2 months ago I had another stone as well. And lasted about 3 weeks. I am already taking meds for spine issues although it does nothing other than fool a mind that there is less pain. With my last stone sure they upped my meds with extras. After the second ambulance trip for this spell I absolutely gave up. Honestly and its scary the only thing that helps it seems is to take meds then go to sleep. What I found best (with) or without meds which is my preferred method is to sit stretched out on the edge of an old wooden sewing chair or even a toilet. Holding arms out stretched out for the sky praying. This is the only option that seemed to relieve my pain. I certainly hope you get feeling better A1UC! The hell this is on kidneys scares me as well. Ultimately there really is nothing to do other than wait and hope they pass. That stretching out method I found to be a bit helpful...maybe temporary yet again had relief to regain some piece/peace of mind/body...or vice versa...
  24. I would get in touch with scrappy or the now renamed Pro head man to get good leads(there are a couple other forum members I will not mention who would be good to contact to get klipsch product/s, and will leave them unnamed and let them show themselves). It is apparently much too difficult to deal with klipsch directly...I had some(at least 5) exhausting attempts dealing with klipsch directly this year and will just leave it that. I have several direct contacts with klipsch 2 are for strictly parts. On the other hand dealing with klipsch parts and tech is A+ very good Every time I call parts/tech help klipsch is awesome...even if you just want to talk to somebody lol cheers!
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