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  1. I know they are hard to come by but thought it worth a try...I am looking for a pair of these speakers that is in good condition to go with my KLF-30 mains. Thanks for any replies!
  2. Gary I have had the 30's for several years now and run them with an SVS 20-39PC+ sub. Love the sound of them together especially for HT. Only thing is these are all sizeable pieces so you need a good size room! Interesting that you think you may need to upgrade your AVR. I thought the same thing for years then finally decided to bite the bullet and go with separates. I never looked back and have been very pleased with the results! In other threads on this forum, members state that you won't be sorry combining the KLF-30s with a powerful amp. Believe me, that is 100% correct. Do the speakers NEED an amp as powerful as mine? Certainly not, but they do sound great when driven by a powerful amp. Clean and without distortion at any volume level I have experienced (I DO like to turn it down before my ears bleed though). Good luck with your decision.
  3. Nice job of making your own customized rack system designed to meet your specific needs! How long did it take you to complete?
  4. The C-7 has no rear ports. Hope this helps. Lots of luck!
  5. Thanks guys for your suggestions. I will check them out! If not suitable for my center channel, then they may be options for my surrounds which are large and on the floor (therefore they need to be raised up a great deal for me to hear them well).
  6. Hi guys. I need to make room for separates that are going to replace my HT receiver and my current shelving is full. My options are to get an audio rack for the new equipment, or to make room on the shelving that I already have. So here is what may be a crazy question, but has anyone figured out a way to place a large and heavy center channel speaker above their flat screen RPTV? My C-7 weighs 38 pounds and currently occupies the shelf underneath the TV. The top of my Sony KDS 55A-2000 TV is waaaay too thin to place anything but the tiniest speaker on. I have been wondering if some kind of shelving placed behind the TV would be a good option. It would have to be pretty tall (over 60") and not very deep. Although it might yield the best result, I will have a hard time fitting an audio rack into the space that I have. Thanks for reading my post and for any help/suggestions[]
  7. I have been researching separates to replace my Kenwood Sovereign VR-5900 AVR. I have decided on the Integra DTC-9.8 for the controller and have been offered an Anthem A5 amp for $1650 [], a demo from my local dealer. These would be paired with my KLF-30's, C7, and JBL 4312A studio monitors. At present, I my system is 5.1 so the Anthem would drive what I have right now, and there is no timetable for upgrading to 7.1. What do you guys think about this combination? The price is certainly right-waaay better than used on Audiogon. It is important that the new equipment does not add to the inherent brightness of my KLF-30's. I have been told that the Audyssey MultEQ Pro feature on the DCT-9.8 will soften the sound somewhat. Other amplifiers under consideration at this time are the Outlaw 7700 and Gemstone's Blue Diamond, both more powerful (and expensive), having similar specs, and 7.1. Of course, Outlaw and Gemstone will sell you "B" stock for a bit less which reduces the price diff. When you consider that you will be using these separates for a few years before upgrading, the price diff is a little less stressing. Thanks for any feedback that you can give me.
  8. Hi guys! I am looking to upgrade my HT setup by replacing my Kenwood Sovereign VR-5900 AVR with separates. After a good deal of research, I have chosen the Integra DTC-9.8 preamp and now have only to chose the amp. Outlaw 7700 fits in my price range, has plenty of rated power, balanced inputs, and a 5 year warranty. I have also read good things about Gemstone's Blue Diamond, which has similar specs but is more expensive. I want the amp to be a good match for the preamp and my speakers, but NOT to add to the inherent brightness in my KLF-30'S! I am not afraid to mix and match. I spoke with one of the guys at Gemstone yesterday and he told me that while the Blue Diamond is very neutral (not warm sounding), the Audyssey MultEQ Pro feature on the DCT-9.8 will soften the sound somewhat. I would love to hear of your experience with either of the above amps with large Klipsch mains. Any other suggestions for good pairings would be great too! I have read that NAD & HK work well with Klipsch, too. Budget constraints will eliminate many fine products, i am sure. Still, I appreciate any input. The plethora of products currently available makes the selection process both complex and arduous. Thanks for reading my post and for your help!
  9. Fish, the Outlaw and Emotiva separates are what I initially asked about at the beginning of this thread. They look pretty good "on paper," but I was hoping to hear from another Klipsch owner who uses them and is pleased with the pairing. I mostly use my gear for home theater. My current setup does not do a great job with music, but I would love to change that! Thanks, ROakes
  10. Vman, I don't see anything in my email [] What option are you referring to? Thanks, ROakes
  11. Thanks to everyone for your advice! Wow...I looked at the Sunfire separates on their website and they look sweeeeet! Unfortunately, the price tag is approximately twice what I can afford []. So, what would be your next best choice? The new units must be HDCP compatible. Thanks again for all input!
  12. Hi guys. I am researching good separates that will match well with my KLF-30s (mains), C-7 (center) and hopefully, JBL 4312a Control Monitors (previous mains, now surrounds). I have looked at Outlaw 990 + 770 and also at Emotiva DMC-1 + MPS-1 (or-2). Does anyone here have either of these combos? If not, any other suggestions? I have never had separates before, but am interested in upgrading from my current HT receiver, whenever the budget allows. I never use the receiver's tuner for radio since I have Sirius radio on my satellite. Thanks for all replies.
  13. Dr. Who! Yes, your room acoustic measurement package is something that I would definately be interested in, providing the budget allows. Please let me know when it is available and how much it costs to rent. I am sooo excited about what I have learned on this forum that I placed my order today for a pair of GIK tri-traps. I will place them in the front corners. It is a start. Just wish I could get them today! Bryan Pape recommended that I do floor to ceiling tri-traps in the front corners, to begin with. Guess I will check the top of the tri-corners with my SPL meter after installation and decide whether to order another pair. Of course, room reflection is next. Can't wait to "hear" what happens when I start treating the room! I understand that too much absorption will make the room dead. No problem...makes perfect sense, even to a lay person. For now, I will start with some corner treatment, where I know a lot of LF energy is concentrated. Thanks again for your advice. I look forward to hearing from you when you have your room acoustic package ready.
  14. Thanks again, Dr. Who! I have read a lot about room measurement since your last reply. Sounds like it is a great tool for identifying the acoustic problems in my room, however I haven't found instructions on how to do it without a laptop. Is there such a thing as Room Measurement for Dummies? Pictures might help! LOL. My PC (no laptop, unfortunately) is located in my kitchen. Slap back echo? Yes, definately. A hand clap or just walking through the room with hard sole shoes removes any doubt. As for the main seating position, it is the couch that is located about 4' from the windows. I took your advice and moved the mains out away from the TV as much as space allows. I checked my sub setting: it is crossed over @ 60Hz (and thank you for the link to the article on how to dial in a sub). Perhaps I should dial it down to 40Hz, as the freq response of my mains is 36Hz-20kHz +/-3dB. Rotating A/V equipment & furnishings? Not really an option. The A/V equipment fairly well fills up the corner it now occupies, with approximately 12 inches between the TV and mains. If anyone can chime in and point me toward some room measurement instructions for lay people, I would greatly appreciate it! What I have read thus far seems to be written for those with a great deal more knowledge about acoustics and measurement equipment than I currently posess, and has made me feel "technically challenged" in this area! The only measurement equipment I have is a RS SPL meter, which I used to set speaker volume. Thanks to all for your help! The question that I originally posted has returned much valuable information, and identified the most important and overlooked factor that affects my system performance. Undoubtedly, room treatment will be the best bang-for-the-buck investment that I can make in order to improve my listening pleasure! Now, to figure out how to do it...
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