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  1. Hey Jim, 70's and 80's Rock, New Wave mostly. Just had a friend in the early 80's that had Heresy I's and i liked them. Read a couple of places that they and marantz was a good match. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello, I have just gotten my newly restored Marantz 2252b receiver back and now i am looking for the perfect speakers. I know that this forum may be a "little" biased but Is the Klipsch Heresy III a good, great or perfect fit for my 2252? Thank you in advance for your advice!
  3. Do you have 8 Multi contacts banana connectors you want to sell?
  4. Thanks so much for this link. I'm gonna do this. Anyone up for a trip to Walmart?
  5. Can someone tell me what gauge speaker cable is correct for home stereo? I have a Marantz 2252b and some 10 year old Advents. Just wondering, thanks!
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