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  1. I am getting this NAD amp that does 40 watts RMS into 8 ohms and hoping to find some Klipsch speakers I can afford to go with it. Was in a local Best Buy today and listened (as best I could with their programming source) some KF-28 speakers. I liked their sound but @$450 each too rich for my blood as they used to say, at least now, and now is when I need something to pair with the Yamaha. I am open to older speakers, even bookshelf ones. I had wanted floorstanding so I didn't have to go out and buy stands, but even some Klipsch bookshelves and stands would be less than $900/pair. What about the RB-51's, the RB-51 II's, or the RB-41's? Found some used RB-41 II's close to $200 pair instead of normal $300/pair. Room is only 10ft by 13ft. just want good clean accurate sound as much as I can get, and not very high volumes. Just accurate at moderate or below. How would any of these work?
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