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  1. Thanks Bruce, I just got home with the 3rd LaScala... This one was in much better condition than my other 2 that I got last week. This one even has the little envelope still attached to the back. My friend and I pulled the top off and removed the amp and rewired the crossover to work. I am going to do the caps to the other 2 and then I will do this one. It appears that you can get a better deal on the Rodgers LaScalas than a normal LaScala. I paid $400 for this one on eBay, and I could have gotten it for less but I was afraid that someone might get into a bidding war with me so I did the Buy Now price. I am going to keep my eye out for more... Who knows maybe I will end up with a 9.1 Lascala setup! I am currently trying to sell my Paradigms to fund another pair of LaScalas.
  2. In my area, a pair like that would be close to $2000.
  3. Another question... I am picking up a 3rd LaScala in the morning. This one has a Rodgers amp built in for a powering the bass. From what I was told, since 2006 it has been used only for bass. Will the caps deteriorate due to age or only by use? How can I tell if the caps are bad or not? Is there a measurement for spec on the caps? tia, Ron
  4. I apologize, but this is not the place. Dave Sorry, PM sent
  5. I have some LaScalas made in 1978... How do I check them for leaks please?
  6. There is still a bit of work to be done on these. I hope to have a batch ready soon, however I have orders to fill and little time. Dave How much are these going to be?
  7. Thank you for the responses... I will try and install the caps myself.
  8. I went to test the speakers with a 9v battery and discovered the midrange screws were loose. I tested the tweeter and midrange and then re hooked them up... Checking all the screws to make sure they were tight and then played some music. Both channels are working fine again... apparently the seller had disconnected the mid and tweeter at one time and hadn't tightened them down properly. I am glad I didn't have a blown speaker! Next week I will get the new caps installed.... I have never had to solder before is this something I should attempt or should I get it soldered for me? I can do mechanical work but I have never tried soldering, but years ago I did some welding... brazing, mig, and ARC.
  9. I actually found two sets of plans and used both. here is a link to one of them. http://hornloudspeakermagazine.blogspot.com/2008/11/comprehensive-list-of-klipsch-plans.html I also put together a cut sheet listing all the cuts you ned to make. Thanks for the info... I downloaded them for future reference.
  10. I just picked up a pair of 1978 vintage LaScalas a few days ago... They sounded good but I was told due to the age I should buy new caps. So I ordered some new Poly caps (they will be here next week). I have been listening to music and tv on them for a couple of days now, and today when I turned them on this morning I noticed the left channel is not working properly. I put my ear by the tweeter and it has a faint output (sort of a crackly sound), the midrange has no output at all, and the woofer is fine ( not sure if that is correct or not but there was bass coming out). How can I find out if the tweeter, midrange, or woofer have failed or pinpoint the problem? I have not been listening to them loud other than 1 time when I turned them up and I heard the audio switch the focus to the other channel and then go back to normal. I am hoping it is in the crossover but I don't know how to check it out? I remember seeing speakers be tested in a car stereo place with a 9v battery... Would that be a good way to test the tweeter and midrange? tia, Ron
  11. Man I wish they were in my area... I would pick it up in a heartbeat!
  12. I'd say the Hi-Fi would be more expensive than zip, but probably no better at doing the job. The jacketed would offer more protection perhaps. The flat is more decorative. I really don't know why they would divide speaker cables like this. Frankly, you should be looking at monoprice for cables. They make better sense and are less expensive. If you are putting the wires in walls, you need CL rated speaker wire. I buy most of my wires from Monoprice too.
  13. How did you get the dimensions for the build? Do you have a Belle box to go off of?
  14. Thanks for the info... They definitely look great!
  15. Did you also do the front part where the horns are?
  16. I might have to do that to my LaScalas... The cabinets are pretty ratty.
  17. Flat speaker wire is nice if you want to hide the wire. I would just get some nice inexpensive 12 gauge wire unless you are into getting exotic wires.
  18. Sorry but I am a bit lost... Did you add extra material to the cabinets to make them thicker, or were they already thicker and you just added veneer?
  19. How much is the one you a roadshowing?
  20. NBPK402

    LaScala's on Roids

    I have seen some people do the extension on the bass bin but I don't see how they made it taller on the top part too... Did they reskin the cabinet?
  21. Looks just like the pair I sold years ago.
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