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    Yamaha CX-A5100, LCR are a work in progress, (5)JBL 8340As for side surrounds, and rear surrounds. Crossovers are Xilica xp4080, two MiniDSP 2x4s, Pioneer Elite BDP-80FD, Panamorph UH-480, and a Darbee Darcet., Project RP 1.3 Carbon turntable, DIY B&O amp modules

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  1. Oh well. I have a pair of 2x4s..not going to spend $400 plus for a pair of 2x4HDs, when I have 2x4s. If down the road I have extra cash to spend I might just buy a Xilica 2040 if needed for my surrounds. Right now the Xilica XP4080 will do what I need for the front 3 channels and a sub or two...plus a pair of 2x4s for surrounds,
  2. Thanks for the info Chris.. I plan on using a MiniDSP 2x4 for my surrounds too.
  3. Yup, this is the hot time of the year... hit low to mid 90s. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  4. Xilica XP4080 will be arriving next week. I think I will use my minidsp 2x4s for my surrounds to save cash on the surround setup. I hope to get the k402 synergy done soon. Just need the placement of the ports so I can cut the k402.
  5. I have been reading the test/reviews for a while there. Interesting that Accuphase amps tested horribly, and some inexpensive products beat the more expensive and recognized Companies.
  6. I used to run Yamaha pro amps with my horns... to hear any hiss you needed to put your head at the horn. I think the amps were the P2500S amps. They were 259wpc, and you can pick them up used for a couple of hundred. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  7. Today I got my Dune setup working with MyMovies database software, and I have to say it is just what I needed to get my catalog looking like I wanted. One thing I learned while trying to get this to work is that when you setup MyMovies for Dune...import your movies as "Disc" not "Movies". Now when I select MyMovies it lists all my movies, and when I select a movie...it will show a background shot, movie cover, synopsis, Director, Actors, stream format, rez, aspect, FPS, surround modes, rating, runtime, and genre.. If you want to play that movie you can hit play or hit enter in the remote...this then will either start to play the movie or open another screen which shows what discs you ripped for the movie. If you want to watch the movie you select it, if you want to watch the bonus disc select it (This will work for whatever movies or bonus discs you ripped for this movie). Now to setup my 2nd Dune to do the same thing should be a snap since I know how to do it my way.
  8. A little update... 1: I have frames being made for 2 bass traps that will be around 20', and I also have 39 pieces of 2" Roxul for the first reflection panels. 2: I have a new bluray cabinet being made that will do double duty as a stand for the center channel k402. 3: I have 2 new Dune Media boxes for streaming my 4k movies from the NAS. Today I finally got MyMovies software correctly configured for Dune. Now I have a nice graphical interface for my Movie Catalog. 4: I had an electrician come over and install 12 Insteon wall outlets, dimmers, and scene controllers for $50. 5: 4 more electric curtain rails should be going up in the next month...then on to building the horns.
  9. Ron E

    I Retired Yesterday!

    Crime is no worse than any major City in the USA. We have been here since November 2017 and love it. Is there crime...yes, is it violent, 99% no. in the USA if you get mugged you are lucky if you end up in the hospital instead of the cemetary. Medical costs are a small percentage if the USA. I have a prescription that is $500 without insurance in the USA, and is around $200 with insurance...here it is $35. My pacemaker was $250K in the USA. Here it is $35k. Car insurance for full coverage on our 2012 Kia van was $600. Food is about 1/2 (or lower) what it is the USA. We bought almost a 3000SQFT home that was 3 years old for $250k which would have cost us easily $2million in the Bay area. property taxes on our old $850k home was almost $10k...here it was under $300 a year. Electricity is under $100...most people pay $50. Gas is about the same as it was in California. Dinner for 2 in a real nice restaurant is under $500 pesos (around $25). We live in one of the most expensive areas in Mexico too. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  10. Ron E

    I Retired Yesterday!

    Congratulations on your retirement. i went out on a disability retirement from my last job after 22 years back in 2010. Next year I rollover to my regular retirement, and hopefully SS. The last 8 years were unbearable, and in the end i found out that 8 years of the stress from my job caused a lot of health problems...hence why i am now on disability. My Wife who is 19 years younger then i am, could not understand how it is to go to work hating every minute of it. She loved her job (since she was her own boss). Now that we moved to Mexico neither of us works, but she is getting the itch to return to working again. I told her I am never returning to work...time now to be spent on what i want to do.
  11. What would have happened if the woofers had been mounted x" away from the horn sides...would this have given you the acoustic delay you needed?
  12. So how does it sound now? Would it have been better if the ports were in a different spot?
  13. Ron E

    Sold: OPPO UDP203

    I am including shipping in the factory box, now...this is only for the Continental USA.
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