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  1. Hey JC, You are doing something that I need to do......DOWNSIZE........! Just saw this as I have been off Forum for a while....... The MCM 3 Grand is a great sounding system and will make someone a fantastic 2 channel or the beginnings of a huge Home Theater System . Good luck on the sale and the move......!
  2. Dave, Beautiful job on the Horn....as always.....!!!!!!
  3. Gary and I had a blast on the phone yesterday...... Sorry that I missed this thread, as I have not been on the Forums as much lately, due to work around here. This Winter has been very busy, as we are attacking several projects on different fronts. Trying to deal with the Local Municipalities has become an absolute costly nightmare.....! I just tried to let him know what he was in for.......I am sure that the Cinema MCM's he is getting, are in very good shape......! I just look at it as ANOTHER set of Klipsch Speakers that are being saved, rather than parting out and to never be heard again. Once he gets them set up, he will realize wat he has.........For me, it is not about the money......!
  4. The bottom lione IS; Whatever sounds good to the individual listening to it, is the Key...All of the measurements, charts/graphs and Engineering Studies are of little consequence. A great set of Speakers, in a room that is acoustically correct, will sound the BEST to their OWNER......
  5. WOW.....I go out of town for a day and this went to 9 pages....... We have been so involved with trying to get the new building finished and traveling back and forth to SC (Flying Field) that I have not had much time to post. This is turning out to be a great thread, with a lot of information and yes, it may be slipping off of "History" a bit, but it is sometimes hard to stay completely on topic....[]. We will be updating our site tomorrow, if anyone is interested, please visit.....
  6. Maron, Thanks, Mike had told me the "Story" on this and I am prety sure that the quality of the wooden 403's that they were trying to get made was just about horrible. Isn't that the reason that they gave up on the wooden 403's for the Top's of the Jubes...? EDIT: I've found that to be true more than once........Great looking Plots and the Polars dead on and they sound like Crap.....Another note...You have to have a great room to have great sound...this is just MY observation Thanks,
  7. Brad, That is WAY too funny.......I just wanted to be sure that we did not go to far off topic with anything that I have posted. hell, I would love to write a complete History of the Jubilee's, as I am pretty sure that I have just about everything that has been printed about them and some that has not. I would certainly need the review from the "Experts" here, before anything was ever published in the Forums. As it is now, it is just all "Hearsay" and I do not mean that in any type of negative way, at all. As someone mentioned earlier, there are probably a lot of false rumors floating around with no definitive answers. Anyway, we shall see what shakes out and this thread is very informitive and interesting.....!
  8. Dean, Hell...don't pull the rest of your hair out...if you are my age...you don't have that much to play with.....[:^)] I doubt that I will ever get my hands on the K 403's nor the original drivers.......Heve NO idea what happened to them...so I will just have to live with what I have. If you have a set of the 403's bring them on down, with your test equipment and we can do some comparisons.........[]
  9. Here's another of the Tags on the Goldens....FWIW, I certainly do not want to sabatage bracurrie's thread.....we can open another or if it is OK with Him, we can continue with this one as it IS titled "The History of the Jubilee".......
  10. Dean, Yes, I am the guy that purchased Mike's STUFF.......[] Yes, we also understand the principles of passive crossovers.......I am certainly NO expert, but I do KNOW what sounds good or not. The system with the Martinelli's is the best I have ever heard and I have been around a few systems, in my time. I have talked to Bill on several occasions and when I purchased the second set of his Horns, he gave me the complete history of them. That was pretty interesting, considering that he would remember individual sets of Horns that, he made. For him, it was like Old Home Week. Here is a picture of the Goldens with the two sets of martinelli's on top:
  11. Mike, Don't you KNOW that I would have loved to have received a set of the 403's with the Golden Jubes. It would be great if they could possibly be brought back to life, as the mid "hump" intrigues me......[H]. All I got was a set of Martinelli's, but I gotta tell you....I LOVE them puppies also. The Jubilee Base Bin is SO versatile, that there are a myriad of TOP combinations, that will do a great job of reproducing the MF and HF. I for one, particularily like mine two way passive......YMMV.......[] We have two sets of Martinelli's: The lower set below is on the Jubes and a set identical to the top ones we have on a set of La Scala Base Bins. This picture is from Mike's place when we picked them up. I will take some pictures today and post them to this thread, as soon as it lightens up a bit......
  12. We have been rerouting a waterline all day and I am pretty much wiped out........ Tomorrow, being Sunday, I will psot some more information. We are using Martinelli Horns on top with Beyma ND 750 2" Drivers, Two Way Passive.
  13. This is a picture of the pair that we have, the others reside in the PWK museaum at the University of New Mexico. Valerie is on the Left and Mike Faulkner is the guy that built them for her commission.
  14. This pair of "Golden "Jubilee's" reside in Charlotte, NC
  15. Lord.....How have I missed this thread......! More to come.....................I am not sure if you have seen this thread or not, but here is a set of Drones that we built last year: http://community.klipsch.com/forums/t/153826.aspx?PageIndex=1 Testing went very favorably and we will hopefully pick it back up this Spring. We have put this and another related project on hold, until our new building is complete. We just plain ran out of room.......that simple.
  16. Already tempted....PM and email sent......[]
  17. Dee, Thanks for taking a look....... Like everything else around here....it is still under construction. I am hoping to get it completely updated by the end of next week.....Way toooooo many IRONS in the Fire.....!
  18. FWIW - The newer Compact Fluorescents or for that matter, any Fluorescents with Electronic Ballast will put out RF that your Horn Drivers can/will pick up. In some cases, you can get noise without the amp being connected. Also, some types of amps will pick up this signal. There are so many areas that noise can be generated these days, it is really very hard to track the source down. Don't just linit yourself to connections.......you have to look at everything that is related to the listening space.
  19. We have Dave's Eliptrac Horns here and a few others, in Wood. I will be glad to help you anyway I can.....We are located in South Charlotte, between Woodlawn and Tyvola. Please feel free to call me anytime at: 980-721-6567. The place is an absolute mess due to ongoing construction but we can get you in here somehow......[]
  20. For repair, you might want to contact this guy: http://www.ebay.com/itm/COOLING-FAN-KIT-UPGRADE-for-Klipsch-ProMedia-5-1-THX-or-Ultra-amplifier-/330838681226?pt=US_Computer_Speakers&hash=item4d0785a68a He sells parts for the plate amps and is very helpful in walking you through your own repairs. If you give him your symptoms, I am sure that he can pinpoint the problem. Most issues with the Subs is from heat. Hope this helps you out.......
  21. The second digit you say is a six (6) sometimes it is really hard to tell, as it could be a letter S or P. It depends on the type of cabinet you have and the internals whether you have Industrials (Commercial( La Scalas. If you could post a picture, it might solve the mystery.
  22. Is this the same guy on eBay? http://myworld.ebay.com/spkrparts!-2007/ Looks like he would have a website.........
  23. Tiger, Try the steel wool and denatured alcohol first, before any sanding. It is the safest way to approach it. If you have an area to test, that is kinda hidden, it would be all the better. This will remove the stain and any finish that is on them. You will get the hang of it in a few minutes. Ise circular motions and keep the steel wool saturated with the alchol and rinse regularily. the denatured alcohol is pretty cheap by the gallon. The secret is keeping everything cleaned up as it is easy to end up with a sticky mess if you don't. it has to be removed in layers so be prepared to take your time but it will be worth it in the long run. This is the same materials and methods Homer Formby has used for years to "Strip" back to natural wood, on difficult surfaces, but just sells the stuff at five times the actual cost. It is time consuming and you must use CLEAN rags for wiping up. Don't do any sanding until you have removed the stain and are back to Natural wood. It doesn't take long at all, to sand through 1/32nd of veneer, with a Palm Sander, then it is too late...........
  24. Andy hit on a great point and just in case you might want to browse Klipsch's Outdoor offerings, here is the page: http://www.klipsch.com/outdoor-speakers I've had a set of the 500's outside on my (Covered) deck for years and they still sound as good as the day I hung them. They are high in the corners and aimed dowh toward the middle of the deck which gives great coverage. You will also not be sacrificing any floor space for the Heresy's.
  25. Travis, Jay and Everyone, The only thing that can come out of my mouth at the present is....BLOWN AWAY.....! Hands down the cleanest, clearest, most delicate recording that I have ever listened to. As an OLD Sax Player, listening to Sonny Rollins work the REED, was just pure magic. He was complimented by Tommy Flannagan (Piano), Doug Watkins (Bass) and Max Roach (Drums) which made for a pretty great ensamble, to listen to. The clarity, with absolutely NO Hiss was a pure pleasure. I have been going through my tape collection for the last three days, comparing different recordings to the Tape Project's and I can assure you that I have nothing close to the quality of the Tape Project's Master recordings. While they may seem to be expensive, the quality of the recording, knowing exactly how it was done and the total quality of the packaging, brings them more inline with the cost of other so called "Master" recordings and with these you know exactly what you are getting. After listening to them on a decent machine, the quality of what you are getting, will become very obvious. Travis, I will get these back to you in tomorrow's mail and all I can say is....You have sold me on these tapes and I can not thank you enough for being so generous.
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