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  1. I got $275 for mine when I sold them in 2014 (Kansas City area) I think I listed them for $300? They had Ti diaphragms and rebuilt crossovers. You could buy a pair of Heresy's for around $500?
  2. If you have a pair of Klipsch speakers that came with K33's they will sell you replacements. You just have to provide them the serial numbers. They're parts aren't that badly priced either... The last thing I had to buy was a replacement grill for my CWIII and it was only like $100-110 shipped?
  3. It was just a thought... I've also considered throwing them back in storage and relisting in January/February, after the impending holidays? One way or the other, I know by Nov I won't have time to deal with the whole random prospect buyer thing.
  4. "Klipsch Heresy. Work and sound perfect, not that great looking. $350" http://omaha.craigslist.org/eld/5240386641.html
  5. Came out of Cornwalls. Work perfectly, just don't really need them any more. $170 Shipped PM me for shipping quote and/or to discuss pricing.
  6. Is it me or is the midwest market moving really slow right now?!?! I'm starting to wonder if it's time to start parting these out or not...?
  7. Ok, I ran through a couple quick tests... and I was quite surprised by how much quieter the K107 is compared to the K77?! Basically, without completely modifying the crossover this swap is not possible. Both the mid and low range filters in the B3 are tuned, even if only slightly to the output of the K77 (-3db) . Were I to convert over to a Chorus / CWII crossover I'm quiet positive everything would be hunky dory but I don't really think I feel like doing all of that right now... I will say that, from what little I did do, the frequency response on the K107 is significantly smoother and extended so it is likely that a completely new crossover (and this swap) will happen in the future. For now though, my Cornwalls are very fun to listen to just the way they are.
  8. I'm not necessarily against the K77/T35 but I'm also not necessarily for it either... In absolutely every other application I've come across, I have preferred the Ti diaphragm material over the stock phenolic or poly. So, even though with this application we are just talking about a simple diaphragm swap, I figured I might just try this little switcheroo out? It also didn't hurt that I hard a pair of 107's just lying around and I am prone to doing stuff like this any way...
  9. In case anyone was curious how they look mounted... Obviously black on black isn't all that easy to photograph but hopefully it helps? And with any luck, some time in the next couple days, I'll have time to throw together a little daughter board and actually listen to them...
  10. So, why'd you choose to build all new cabs rather than just re-veneer the old ones? Also, if you are building/built all new cabs, what is your plan for the originals?
  11. Please excuse the editing and consolidating of my previous posts... I was trying to make the information and images a little more concise.
  12. *Sides with slightly different lighting?*
  13. I've actually always wondered what the difference was between the "light" and "medium" oak finishes was? I don't remember what the tag lists them as off the top of my head... but in person the finish looks just like the oak finish I had on my old KG's? I wouldn't call it a blonde finish so I'm guessing it's a medium? I was actually planning on taking some better pictures this last weekend but we had family over and I got stuck cleaning... I will see about accomplishing this within the next day or 2 though.
  14. Eventually I'll have to time to actually compare them myself but in the mean time I figured I would ask for others opinions... I currently have a pair of unmodified late Series I Cornwalls with B3's (K33/K57/K77) and I have a pair of K107TI's lying around. I once saw a guy who rear mounted a K107 in a Heresy with pretty decent results and was debating on trying the same thing? What are your thoughts?
  15. I actually had enough spare parts lying around my house to build a pair of Cornwalls/Chorus and still ended up just buying a pair... time and resale value were the 2 biggest factors in my decision. I would also note that you really aren't going to save that much trying to go with "cheaper" parts... If you do go DIY just be patient and you can find almost everything for your project on this site or ebay.
  16. Oh, almost forgot! For some reason I don't get all of my notifications from this site, so if I don't reply to a post or pm immediately I apologize... I'm not sure what's up with it?
  17. $700 Local Pickup in Kansas City Front and rear panels have been removed, braced and resecured. I've also installed new feet, replaced the tweeter diaphragms, as well as rebuilt the crossover networks with new caps & coils. I've owned them for about 3-5yrs but they've spent a good chunk of that time in storage with much of my other equipment. I would say they are in "Very Good" or better shape overall, having only a hand full of fairly minor cosmetic issues. Overall I think they are great performers, I just don't have the room to hold onto them. My house is a mess right now (under never ending construction) so they are currently set up in my garage. In my experience room and placement can have a significant affect on their sound, so please keep that in mind if you do come to check them out. I really wish I could display them properly for you but my garage is the best I can do for right now... If you have any questions just ask and I will do my best.
  18. Those are nice! but it looks like I'm going to be picking up a pair of Walnuts in KC on Sunday. So if all goes well my next post will be to list my Oak KLF 20's for sale! =D
  19. I think I spoke with the same guy but while I was trying to schedule a time to go out to see them (within 24hrs) some one called him up and randomly offered him $900 for the pair!? Which I thought was odd and definitely more than I wanted to spend... There were 3 different pair on ebay within the last couple weeks that didn't sell for less than $600 but they were all on the coasts! I have a friend in CT that I almost hit up to help me out but I hate putting people in that position. I actually might have another line on a pair but I'm really torn between buying them and just build a pair of my own...
  20. I've been casually looking to upgrade for a while... had a few near misses recently so I thought I would just throw something on here just in case? I really only need the cabinets since I have a slew of spare parts... in fact my original plan was to just build my own but I have so many projects right now that I figured if I could find a pair for a decent price I would just pick them up and either reload the cabs if empty or sell off most of my spare parts if fully loaded? I'm not super concerned with which style or the condition, within reason. Thanks
  21. I already have a pair of standard HII's and a pair of 2-way Heresy I built that use a K28E paired with a D220TI-16 on a K65/66 horn. So I don't really want to build just another pair of Heresy? As for parts, I have parts from all 3 generations and some other models... but I will probably be using K77's and K55's for the tweeter and squawker on this. As for the woofer I have not decided? It could be K series, Crites or something else I find acceptable and handy? I will build the crossovers my self so I don't particularly feel tied to a specific arrangement... More thoughts?
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