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  1. Yes, I have seen your room and understand what you mean when you say its no small feat.

    I had few problems with mine like harshness on the harmonics of female vocals, I guess around 12k-16k hz, boxy plasticy sounding around 1000-1500hz... Generally a little fatiguing.

    Then I changed the horns for Greg's from Volti and put the 2 inch bms drivers behind it. The new tweeters are to my liking as well. Putting the basstraps on top helped a lot too! I actually had bigger ones on top and were responding better but I couldnt position tweeters with it. Now, I am building proper boxes for tweeters and will put back the bigger traps back again with them.

    I have about 18 feet between speakers and now quite happy overall. I plan on adding a horn subwoofer that I am going to build. I keep on listening all the speakers I can, spend time with them if possible. I have 4 different sound systems (2 of them at the studio, active monitors from Adam, Germany and one full range horn) and my father has 2, one in a purpose built room. I very much prefer my system over all of them. After the changing of the horns, drivers and all, I actually prefered it over avant garde uno that I had a chance to listen to. 

  2. @minermark: Thanks for noticing! It is quite rigid too!

    @crouse: There are 18feet from center to center between khorns. My seating position is at the intersection. I guess I am 11,5feet away from the front wall. I hope that helps.

  3. They are bass traps. Their brand is Primacoustic and the model is Australis. I have tried others too, but these were the best to my ears (also the most dense ones). They extend a little further than the speaker and that helped too. I tried taking them further out or in and decided this is the best setting :) I can not say enough about the positive experience I have with them on top of my khorns! More focused sound, more clarity of upper mids is the first two I can come up with. They provided a general improvement in my space.

  4. Thanks! The photo doesnt do justice to outside view because of the overexposed light. I am looking directly at the Mediterranean sea :) The distance from center to center of the horns are 18feet and I enjoy the imaging. I will put another photo with the screen down as well. It covers 4/5 of the windows for cinema experience... 

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