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  1. I am getting there. They look like some Jamaican's sound system. I can just put a lion, a green and a yellow strip Sunday I will be finishing this speaker, hooking up the crossover and binding posts, etc.
  2. Yes, I know. I have used birch plywood before as well. Still, this is what I had, and I did not want to buy anything and just use what I have. Let's hear how it turns out
  3. Parts have been mostly cut. I love the tools that help you get precise cuts. There will be absolutely no leaks in my box! I will mount the 401 horn from outside rather than inside. I will flush mount the woofers. I just put the drivers and horns for photo purposes to have a reference. I am also planning putting felt inside the box all around. I have some good felt I used in another speaker project.
  4. I have identified the crossovers I have and they are not AK-3. They are AK-4's made from Dean's schematics. Hope they work for me I will not tune the box lower than 40hz. Today I will take some photos and share here of the developments.
  5. I was going to divide the cabinet internally to keep a similar volume with the cornwall. However I do not have to do that. I have more internal volume undivided. The cornwall's internal volume is around 14000 cu.in. but mine is 23000 cu.in. undivided. As I have more volume, how can use it to my advantage. I can have deeper bass I guess but how should I change the port? Can anyone help me with this?
  6. I will surely try the spare AK-3 networks I have first. Hope they work! I ll let you guys know Do you mean wrapped around the corners like this, but total opening dimension is kept the same around the perimeter?
  7. I just want to use the stuff that I have in my possession. I already have a 2" throated wooden tractix horn in my system This is being built for a friend with the spare parts that I have. I thought lower port profile is dictated by the volume of the box. This shares the volume of the cornwall, so I kept a similar port. What would you recommend, anything I can do without buying more stuff to make the speaker sound better is more than welcome I haven't cut anything on the front board yet. It will be the last piece I build, I have still time to reconsider port size and shape.
  8. I thought I need to cross around 800hz and 5000hz. This site says around 600hz is enough (http://mysite.verizon.net/res12il11/id92.html) There is also a schematic of Klipsch b3 which the site owner thinks is good for cornscala. I found the b3's original schematic as well. Do you guys think that would be worth the effort. If it is good for cornscala or cornwall, it would probably work in my speaker.
  9. Yes, I am in Antalya, Turkey. I have cool engineer friends that would help me If I can get the schematic and source the parts, it wouldn't be a problem. If the speakers sound good, I will put the sketchup file and all the dimensions here. ps. These will be given to a friend who is a struggling musician. I do not like the spare parts lying around. He is very talented, has very good ears and I really want him to be able to listen to good quality sound.
  10. Today I started cutting the wood with the help of a local carpenter. I have atlas drivers, k401 horns, k33 woofers and the tweeters. I wanted to build the cornscala at first, but then I found them to be a little bulky and short. I wanted to make a slimmer one, and found some people (a german guy) trying that. From his dimensions, I just put on a few more and matched the total volume of a cornwall after drivers and horns etc. My local carpenter had some mdf laying around, so I changed the project from birchwood plywood to that. He had two of them with finishings laminated on top. Red and cream colored. I will be using the red in front, and cream all around. The only things I am missing are the crossovers. The usual people get them are from Al (Alk) or Bob (Crites) but the cost of crossovers are over the customs limit. This means lots of fees and hassles. Do you think other crossovers with 800hz and 5000hz crossover points can work as well. This one costs peanuts (http://www.parts-express.com/speaker-crossover-3-way-8-ohm-800-5000-hz-100w--260-210) so I may give it a try. Maybe, I should buy plans from Bob or Al (if they are selling them) and try and build my crossovers. Still I would need to source parts etc. Any recommendations on this crossover issue?
  11. I am using Volti Audio's tractix wooden horns with 2 inch BMS 4592ND-MID. The tophat stays intact if thats what you care about. It sounds very very good to me. I am using volti crossovers as well. They are nifty as you can adjust the midrange level and woofer cutoff with them according to your room. I just took off tweeters from the sides and put them on top of the speakers, as to my hearing it sounds better this way.
  12. Thank you guys for the warm welcomes I don't think it would be practical to send the woofers from Antalya, Turkey to U.S. and get drivers from there. Too much shipping and customs hassles will ensue. MWM bins does not match what I want... I am not using digital processors, I have physically put the tweeters horizontally in line with the mids. Then moved them back enough so I do not need to send a delayed signal to them. I decided to build the THT low profile. I am on the verge of getting a driver for it and keep my k33s with the rest of the stuff I have for a cornscala project!
  13. I'll build one then. So, the dimensions will be 24x18x72 for me if I go with the tall version. I can find mostly any kind of wood. Which one would be the most desirable for the job, the birch or the plywoods?
  14. I can go for a THT. Its 36x36x24 inches. I can make the taller and narrower version too... Which dimension are you referring to for 8" deep? Is it the driver placement? I may get these plans, cut the pieces in cnc and just glue them at my place! I guess birchwood plywood would work. How about a double k33 in an enclosure?
  15. Thanks mustang guy! I will document my project over here. I am on mac os x, so hornresp doesn't work on my os. The program seems easy enough, I will have to find a friend with a windows machine and try my best. I also think of adding a plate amp on it with a built in filter. Do you guys think this one http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-sa100-100w-subwoofer-plate-amplifier--300-802 would be enough. It is rated 100watts and I think a suitable horn would be efficient enough... Lilmike's Cinema F-20 uses 15" woofers, maybe I can substitute k33's for the eminence?
  16. I have a great system that I am very happy with. My system is built upon klipschorn with volti horns 2"throats and BMS drivers, plus a beyma tweeter I time aligned and put on top. I have crites 1526c woofers in the bassbin and have volti crossovers too. I am very happy with my corners as well and could go down to 40hz without much loss. I have a klipsch home theater sub, that is less than satisfactory in movies and completely useless in 2channel listening. That is why I decided to build my own horn subwoofer! I just need to fill 20hz to 40hz with as little as distortion as possible. I know it can be big, but I have space and no worries about waf. My initial thoughts are tapped or folded horns as I read they work better with khorns. I also like a full horn system. I have 10 feet ceilings so I can have a tall tapped horn with maybe one fold that would be easier to build. I am not sure which design would be more appropiate for utilizing my k33s though! I am sure there are lot different and better ideas. I am working very hard and only have Sundays and nights, so I cant build a few different ones and try em out. I am waiting to hear about your experiences and help! And if any day you decide to visit sunny Antalya, Turkey, you are welcome to listen to music at my place
  17. I have made the complete upgrade including all the drivers too. It is incredible. I liked my horns before too, but they were edgy and a little fatiguing, the imaging was always incredible though. Now, the mids and top end are very very good too! I am a musician (as a hobby now) and I used to play a lot. I played drums and am very sensitive to drums sounds to be as real as they can be. Now thats a hard task. The drums with the bass drum starts down below and travels very high in the sound spectrum with the cymbals. The snares are also very hard to reproduce realistically. My problem before volti upgrade was hearing snares as if from a plastic tube. They had that kind of an unnatural coloring to them. The cymbals kind a distorted too, and the decays of sounds were not realistic enough for me. It has all been solved! This is quite enough for me. Also having a good matching system is very important. I am a vinyl guy with thousands of records. The most I enjoy after my upgrade is Musicmatters 45 rpm blue note reissues! Thanks to incredible musicians and Rudy Van Gelder, I am in the studio with these guys every night I have been travelling around and listening to a lot of systems in my friends places or around shops, and I am very happy that my system is on par or better than 10k+ systems ps. I also have now a pair of spare klipschorn parts which I am planning to build a cornscala with!
  18. I would not put the k-400 horn in belle hf. I will build the khorn top and build the belle bass section. It may look awkard on top of the belle, I will model it in the computer and have a look first. I will let everyone know how it sounds in the end. I am still waiting for the volti shipment yet, so I cant start now. It seems this will be an early 2013 project
  19. I have recently purchased a complete upgrade set for my Klipschorns and am waiting for them to arrive at the moment. I will have spare mid drivers, tweeters, woofers, horns with the grills and crossovers. It will be very easy to build for me the two spare tophats of the klipschorn. However I do not want to build the bass section because I do not have 4 corners in my room to utilize 4 khorns in my setup. It is also possible that I may just use one of them as center channel. Do you think it would work if I used khorn top hats and build the belle bass section utilizing the ak-4 crossovers and the k33 woofer.
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