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  1. Yea, I have checked that site out and ive also noticed that you need to keep a close eye on bestbuy because they throw select 3d films out at extremely attractive prices ranging from 15-20 dollars per title. A little research showed me that if you dig you can find just the bluray/bluray 3d minus all the dvd and UV copy bs that they cram down your throat.
  2. Every 3d film ive purchased were all seperate copies of 3d blu ray, blu ray, dvd and digital copy...I may consider this route or just pimp out amazon.
  3. This is getting real old to me all of these movie studios releasing a 3d movie in not only 3d, but blu ray, dvd and digital copy all in one to make extra money!!!. Its really starting to get old, so I ask is there anywhere that i dont know of where I can get specifically the 3d disc im looking for without being bent over by these greedy movie studios?? 30-35 dollars a pop for a movie isnt happening any more.
  4. Is this the one you bought?, If not this may help. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/eld/3748862982.html
  5. Sooooo, sooooo nice!!!. Makes me ready mentally for my RF-7 upgrade, but the same cant be said financially [] , congrats dude!!
  6. In the scene with him sitting in the Camaro at the motel parking lot staring at the detective, Ive got to ask was it over the top bass heavy (car exhaust depth) when you were watching?....Agreed a great movie and I am not at all what you would consider a fan of very many Tom Cruise movies.
  7. From numerous conversations had with many different sales people at various electronics stores it seems that 4k will be financially out of reach for the everyday Joe (keep in mind this is for a quality 4k equipped set because i just read some rumors saying Seiki is eyeing a $1,500.00 price tag for theyre 4k set). Im sure for the first few years before the smell of new wears off of 4k I myself will not be able to afford such a nice/ high end set or projector. I of coarse have no input as far as a suggested retail but Im sure somebody here will chime in with what Sony may be projecting. http://store.sony.com/c/XBR-4K-TV-Ultra-HD-Resolution/en/c/S_4KTV ^^ Actually alot more reasonable than I originally posted above, a very shocking and impressive price point.
  8. I have had minimal opportunities to put my setup through its paces at or near reference since it has all been set up. Now there are two movies that most recently come to mind. First being Django: Unchained -- which was breifly spoke about in the latest blu ray thread. It seemed that in this film Tarantino reached for the modern Western style audio track and in my opinion it was a rude interruption at certain scenes throughout the film; however, the film was incredibly well written and directed the audio was simply a bit of a let down. On the side Garyrc spoke on which is brightness one other film comes to mind. Thor -- at points throughout the film there was incredibly deep and detailed sound but at times too detailed. I found myself at times cringing throughout the film due to spikes in the audio that just seemed a bit over the top but for a film such as Thor i guess you must go into viewing it expecting this. I am by no means well versed in the many aspects and "artistic" uses of dialogue and soundtracks in todays films but I am however an enthusiast that has the equipment to and misfortune of sometimes noticing flaws in otherwise perfect films.
  9. OHHHHH, oh, I see, so your that guy huh???!!!! [:^)]
  10. I'm supposed to get this on Blu-ray tonight from Netflix. I'll let you know what I experience via PM afterwards. Stay tuned. Great, thanks a ton.
  11. Did anybody notice any crackling/ distortion on some soundtracks during the movie or do I have a bigger concern on my hands?
  12. Those are very nice pieces of equipment, just a bit spendy while looking down the barrel of an oppo purchase. Possibly a purchase for down the long haul though, I will keep those in mind.
  13. In a perfect world, but our living room is large not to mention vaulted ceilings. Ive got a large sectional, matching couch, 2 end tables, coffee table, console table, television console, 4 large speakers on the floor and an rw-12d in the right corner. Needless to say space is at a premium and I can figure out where to place another enormous rw-12d. But with the overall size of our living room that single rw-12d is getting a workout, too much of a workout causing port noise.
  14. Would I be able to successfully run a velodyne 8" along with my RW-12d?. I ask because my RW is reaching its limits in my enourmous room but I am not sure if subs are similar to sound stage (trying to keep the corresponding speakers together). If I can successfully run another sub with my RW I will be looking in the next month or two, also space is a bit of an issue with all of our furniture so can I run an 8" with a 12" and be ok?
  15. this seems like an amazing deal and I figured somebody on here should grab this up since I cannot. http://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/ele/3746229706.html
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