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  1. I thought it was an indiana thing! I learn something new everyday!
  2. I think fryes right off exit 5 still has them and has a main room that consist of nothing but klipsch with a screen, at least last time I was in there it was still set up that way. Ovation may also be a place to take a look, I'm about an hour north of Indi and don't know of much places that have them set up for viewing. Wish I could help more since I'm closer than some but I'm worthless lol
  3. I'm running a Denon, the lower of the X series (X-1000) but it sounds much better with my Klipsch than my Yahama ever did.
  4. Nope, read it wrong. I thought it said buy 3, didn't see the "pair" on there
  5. I like the idea but to run a 6.1 I'd be needing another 3 speakers for starters and I'd like to keep it a little smaller than setting up 3 Heresys plus a massive sw115. I've got the SW112 in the living room and it's more than I need now so throwing a 115 in the garage would just crush everything! I do like the idea though
  6. The live-sound experience is always waiting with the help of the RF-42 II home theater system. Placing you on stage with your favorite artists, this system unearths matchless highs, mids and lows that are music to your ears. SYSTEM CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING: (2) RF-42 II Floorstanding Speaker (2) RS-41 II Surround Speaker (1) SW-110 Subwoofer (1) RC-42 II Center Speaker OTHER RELATED PAGES: Reference Series Think I could find this cheaper than $1,700? I'm not looking for anything fancy or even bigger, it's going in a garage that's finished. It will have 2 recliners, the above system, flat screen, and a beer fridge in between the 2 chairs I've been eye balling it for a few weeks now and would rather have the towers vs the bookshelfs for mains (purely just seems to be better looking is all) so I'd rather stay with the towers vs the cheaper complete systems
  7. Got the big "hell no" on the move to move the speakers up higher so I guess they're at where they're gonna stay. The boss never let's me have my way!
  8. Actually the 55 don't look bad, the picture doesn't give it justice! But the 70 is going to have to wait, I plan on buying a tv, AVR, and a small pieced together reference series system of the klipsch website all at once so it'll prolly be around this time next year before I finally get around to having the garage ready for it all. Besides, my boys ain't playing in the game this weekend but I can't let the hawks win, go broncos lol
  9. The tv is a 55 inch now but a 70 will be in its place with the 55 going in the garage with a nice small reference series system
  10. The 2 pictures of the rears, do you see any other place possible to mount them or am I stuck with them as is? The picture that's missing is the back wall, it's only about 4 feet wide, there's a closet on one side and a hallway on the other
  11. Sounds much better than my old living room just for the fact it's slightly smaller and carpeted but when playing battlefield 4 that speaker on the right rear is there, and it makes itself known it's there. Are they mounted where they should be or would you guys recommend different placement? I can always patch the holes I made
  12. Well I've started putting the living room back together and curious as to what you guys think of the surrounds? I don't really think I have much of an option on placement due to the hallway and front door. Any ideas or think I'll be alright? The thing that bothers me is the right rear, it's almost right on top of the siting position. Granted, most of my friends and me included tend to slump down in the couch is it still going to be an issue being that close? I've already ran audyssey and finally got my sub in check so that's a plus.
  13. I seen snake and arrow on sale in the $5 bin at at best buy, I'll prolly just go back and pick it up and see if it's any good. Wish I could find one with Pink Floyd and Avenged Sevenfold. Yes, large difference between those bands but they're my favorite 2
  14. I think that's what it was. Seemed pretty good, only caught about the last 20 minutes though. Anybody see it throught it's entirety? If so, worth picking up? It was only SD when I seen it so it looked and sounded like crap but had potential
  15. Not sure if this belongs here or not so if not I'm sorry, mods please move it. I'm was flipping through the channels during the delightful -16 degree weather before I Windchill (-45) and seen a rush concert on I think VH1? I was wondering if anybody happens to know if Rush has any blu-ray concert disks available. I'm gonna be completely honest on this, I haven't even looked. Been shoveling out snow for 2 days
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