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    MC 240

    Hello all, it has been a long time since I have posted to the fourm, it's nice to be back. This is my first time selling and I'm having a little trouble adding pics. Looks like I'll have to change the settings on my phone to a lesser resolution and retake them sometime this weekend. This is a list of some things that I'm selling. If you are interested and can't wait until I get some new pics to post ,PM me and I can send you the pictures I currently have on my phone. I will try to get some Sunday evening. Mc 240 - $2000 McIntosh c24 pre - $400 Emotive usp-1 - $200 Jolida FX 10 $500.oo Black Heresy 3 $800.00 Walnut bell's with Deang crossover $ 1800. Sorry I don't have pictures to post , be patient with me and I will get them Sunday Thanks for looking. Stacy.
  2. I would have to agree with Maynard,that is a beautiful build! I want to thank you also for taking the time to post your impressions and pictures of the amp. I have gathered all the components to build the little sweeties and quality pictures like you have posted are a big help to a first timer.I realize the circuit is not the same but it still is of help as a general guide to layout. If it sounds half as good as it looks, you will be smiling for some time to come! Stacy
  3. Beautiful work! The fit and finish are top notch, I love that you kept the top of the chassis free of fasteners. Great story and testament to Maynard's kind and giving personality!! Stacy
  4. Looks great so far,and like Maynard and Wdecho say I am anxious to see the finished product and your impressions of how it sounds.I would also like to say thanks for taking the time to post pics as you build as they are a great visual aid for a first time builders. Stacy
  5. We'll I'd like to give a big shout back to Jim, when I sent him the 6bq5's he ask what I would like in trade , after looking thru my stash I determined I could use some 12au7 to use in a MC225 I just finished restoring last night. He sent me four pairs of closely matched 12au7s to roll. Thanks again Jim.
  6. Happy birthday, hard to beat chocolate cake,I would think damn near impossible once you ad chocolate pudding to it.
  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes all! Pretty uneventful for me,pushing 50 so that's just fine with me. Hope you had a good one Deang.
  8. Hey Jim ,Glad you like them. I have some outer 6bq5s that I got from Kieth that I need to try out. Once I give them a listen I may have some further recommendations. Im glad you post you were looking for some tubes made me realize how long it has been since I spoke with Kieth . I'm going to have to give him a ring. Stacy
  9. Thoughts and prayers for him and his family!
  10. This is my first try to add a link so I hope this works! Resistor calculator Stacy
  11. Nice score Thebes. I'll be curious to hear what you think of the Fm1 once you get it fired up. I was pleasantly surprised how good a tube Turner sounds and how reasonable they are to buy. I also have a Lt-110 that matches my LK-72 but I want to recap it and get it aligned before I befor I hook it up. It will just have to wait its turn with the soldering iron, the MC 225 is next then the little sweetie build. To many projects not enough spare time!! Stacy
  12. To clarify a point for users of vintage tube type tuners and receivers, oscillator, RF and IF stages do not need realignment when tubes are replaced. Capacitor replacement is another story. Maynard Thanks for clarifying Maynard,I'll wait till I get it recapped before the realignment. By the way the link muel gave looks to be reasonable on price .
  13. Add the link to your post and highlight (hold left mouse button while moving pointer across link). Click on the "Link" icon (looks like a chain link) and enter the link (http://...). You can highlight any word for that matter. Hope that is clear enough Thanks I'll give it a whirl.
  14. Laughing at myself right now. You most certainly have a valid point Neil.I am embarrassed to tell you I haven't tried the magic goo yet.Glad you posted got me to thinking about it maybe I'll get it done soon,I'll be in touch to let you know how it goes. Thank you again. Stacy
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