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  1. Thanks for all the good info. I think the A/4500 and C125 tweets will get the call. Mike
  2. My mid 80's K-horns are due for an upgrade. Has anyone tried Crites A/4500 crossover with the CT 125 tweets? I'd like to hear from someone who has actually made this mod. Are there other reasonably priced options I should consider? Thanks, Mike
  3. Mike, Which ones, no link in your post? If you are referring to the link in Youthman's post, I did speak to the seller for a while last night. He said the reason for the good price is that the cabinets are pretty shot but all drivers and crossovers are fine. They have some water damage and the mdf had separated some so he repainted black to mask the damage. Still not pretty. He said that the substrate is probably not in good enough condition to put new veneer on. If they don't sell, he may just build new cabinets or find some H2 cabinets and repair them. He did say that the motorboard was in fine shape. Bill Yes Bill, those are the ones. Thanks for the report. Sounds like something I should pass on. Mike
  4. Did anyone check these out, I see they're still available. Seems like a very fair price unless something is wrong with them. Mike
  5. I see you have these for sale in the Orlando Craigslist. I hope all is well and this is not forced sale. You should list them here as well since we all know they are in excellent condition. Good luck with the sale. MB
  6. Well, how did it go? Are you happy with the new Khorns? Mike
  7. Welcome....I too live in Central Florida and am a musician as well. I'll be glad to keep an eye out for you. If it would help, you can bring your bass over and we'll play along with some tunes on MY K-horns ( something I do daily anyway). Are you the person who recently sold a pair from Deland? They were on Craigslist and were absolutley beautiful. Good luck with your search. MB
  8. No, I'm temporarily using a Yamaha M-50 amp from 1980. I should be getting my Fisher 400 any day now. I gave it to our very experienced electronics tech at work along with Metalbone's restoration kit and he's been slowly going through it in his spare time. He told me it was in better shape than he originally thought and should be a great daily performer. I'm excited about getting it back in service. MIke
  9. Scrappydue, I sent the wrong photo (that's what I get for playing at work). I'll send you the correct photo when I get home. My units both have nice walnut cabs and the amp IS a SA 8800. MB
  10. I have a Pioneer SA 8800 amp with matching TX 7800 receiver. Both in walnut and in excellent condition. The amp is 80 wpc. Let me know if you would be interested. I think they're both from 1978 or 79.
  11. I may be interested as well. Cesar spoke up first. Keep us in the loop. MIke
  12. Dang, I was about to make an offer. What did you get? Mike
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