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  1. I wish I had the room and the mulah, I would take those off your hands too. The LS's are still sounding great by the way!
  2. I don't think you will be disappointed with the 1060. It's pretty well regarded in the marantz community. I've got a 2230 receiver hooked to my cornwalls and it sounds pretty sweet. I have vintage ss on all my heritages. My jewel is the Pioneer Spec 1 amp hooked to the la scalas. I had it restored by Glenn McDonald (AudioKarma's Echowars). I've got a Kenwood Eleven G hooked up to the HIII's and they mate very well. I had a newer HK receiver on the HIII's and didn't like the sound--hooked up the Kenwood and even my wife noticed major improvement. I recently picked up a Sansui AU-5900 and really like the sound. It has a really nice base punch--plus it looks pretty cool too.
  3. I love the Sonos. It is very user friendly. I have it hooked up to my living room RF-7 II's, bedroom HIII's, cave cornwalls and outside speakers. It is pretty cool to have them all going on the same song. I like the queue function a lot. You can have your queue playing and search for a song and play it. When it's done playing it goes right back to playing the queue.
  4. I splurged on h3's for my bedroom system, and do not regret it at all. They are a sweet sounding speaker. You can find them on sale occasionaly.
  5. Those look really nice. In my neck of the woods too. I wish I was in the market. I think that is a fair price.
  6. Congrats!! And welcome aboard. The virus that awoke in you runs rampent on this board. I've got vintage solid state on mine. MIne were already recapped when I bought them from a forum member.
  7. They looked that way out of the box. Had them playing all day today. I've got them goin in the bedroom, cornwalls goin in the offce/cave and rf-7's goin in the living room--all grouped together on sonos. It's kinda cool walking through the house listening to the different Klipsch flavors.
  8. They are walnut. I clicked on the "buy it now" button.
  9. I wish. The heresy's are likely the only new heritage klipsch's I'll be getting any time soon.
  10. I am pretty impressed with the sound of the Heresy III's. I been wanting some heresy's for a bedroom system for a while. I've watched for some minty ones to become available, but all the ones I've been seeing are not mutch less than new ones--so I just pulled the trigger on some new ones. I received a pretty good a$$ chewin from my wife, but after listening to them all night last night and today, she has decided that they are hers. She now claims the h-III's and rf-7 II's (the new ones are hers and the old ones are mine). I have only heard one set of older heresy's that a buddy has--it's been a while since I've heard his, so I can't really compare to the h-III's. To my ears they have a really sweet sound. I'm not running a sub right now--and probably won't. I've got them in corners, and the base sounds pretty good. I'm am very pleased with them.
  11. Those are beautiful. I think that price is very reasonable. I love those cane grilles. I kick myself daily for selling my '78's with cane grilles.
  12. Eagles a couple weeks ago in Nashville. It was a great show. Joe Walsh tore it up.
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