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  1. Wow, thanks for rewriting the review. I tried to find it with your username, but it was a bit hard when you have over 2000 posts lol. So in my case, 2 RS-42s should be better. I will try it and make sure to post how it goes.
  2. Inventor, Can you share a link to your review?
  3. Great, thanks for your advice! I will contact him and see how it goes.
  4. ousig, Thanks for your input. I was actually very reluctant to go any higher than RS42s, because even RS52s would cost more than RF62s..and RS62s would cost more than RF-82s lol. I should just get RS42s and see how they sound first! What kind of surround set up do you have now? and was there a big difference from RC52 to RC62?
  5. Hello, My first post here, and I did search the forum! But no thread seemed to address my question. I am thinking between RB-61 or RS-42 for my rear surrouds for 5.1 system to match RF-62 fronts which I will be getting next month. I read that RS-42s are great surround speakers, but my issue is that my couch will be against the wall and mounting surround speakers on side walls is not an option. So, what is the minimum distance from the sitting area you would need to mount RS-42s on back wall? Is it ok to mount them on back wall when my couch is against the wall? Also, I might upgrade my fronts to RF-82s. Would RS-42s be suitable for RF-82 fronts? Should I be getting RS-52s or even 62s instead? Thanks in advance for your help. sexhero
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