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  1. Okay, The KLF-30s are here. [H] I almost messed up. I took my Luxman 1050 with me. Sure enough, he had a small digital receiver hooked up to them. When I hooked the Luxman up, I could hear them for what they are supposed to sound like, and he did too. He said he never heard them sound so good. He wanted to keep them, but couldn't. Although I seen them before checking here, I want to thank the OP and everyone who keeps an eye out for one another.
  2. Was looking on CL ~ an hour ago. I am trying to reach him. Local for me and want them. On my way to see them[] - wish me luck.
  3. Wonder what the speakers are next to the horns?? Thanks for the find. More good deals.
  4. Welcome to the forum jweber. Has there been? Sure. There are always some crazy deals out there. I think one forum member got his FREE (doesn't get much better deal than that). From what I can see, $1500 is a great price for Khorns. Thanks. Past sales on fleabay shows that 1500 as a good price. Although painful at times, I am patient too. I'm going to wait on the Belles.
  5. Don't tempt me. A man can’t buy a ham sammich for less that 1500 anymore. I’ve just now joined. Has there been a better looking pair for less money than these?
  6. They should have a warning label to keep inside and if someone eats them it may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm, but only in California. I wish I knew someone in that area who could conferm that it's all what it's supposed to be. They could listen to them until I could come to get them They do look nice....for inside speakers. [8-|]
  7. Wow that is a good deal and they look good. Must have something to do with being kept inside. I want some Belles, but those would do.
  8. I emailed them days ago, but got nothing back. Thanks for the link, though. Maybe next time..
  9. Close to Lexington Ky. I'm looking for some Cornwalls or some Interface Ds for my brother too.
  10. Again, thanks. I am looking for a nice pair of Belles to have and to hold. Im not sure if these were a good deal or not, but it piqus my interest.The pair that sold with the 15" sub on ebay ~ a few moths back. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Belle-Loudspeakers-With-Klipsch-15-Sub-/271117033497?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item3f1fd5a019&nma=true&si=tQzkViiTMAYm1daX8qWyDlbNlxU%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 The closer the better, and condition is worth miles lol. Thaks James
  11. Note to self: check more often.. Thanks for the link. I will pounce when i get here in time.
  12. Always too far or too late. I just can't have anything nice. :-D
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