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  1. Aaaarghhhh...I need help! I recapped the networks last week with AudioCaps and Kimber Kaps. That was painless enough. I'm in the middle of replacing the tweeter diaphragms and I've run into a snag. The first one was fine. On the second one, the magnet plate separated from the main magnet assembly when I disassembled the tweeter. It stayed in the diaphragm area. I have tried moving it back to where it belongs and centering it for over an hour now and I'm just getting frustrated. I'm sure you know what's happening. When I place the plate down half of it sticks to the round column part where the voice coil gap or whatever forms. I'm about to lose it. I have tried using multiple flathead screwdriver to try and make them not make contact as I guide it in but that doesn't work. The magnets have such a strong attraction that it violently connects and there is no gap for the voice coil.
  2. Just wanted to give a quick update. I've decided to upgrade but not go all out. I've ordered new Sonicaps to recap the networks. Next paycheck I'll upgrade the tweets with either the CT125, DE10 or DE120...still undecided as to which. Are the crossover frequencies on the Type B good to go for the B&C drivers? I'll probably just throw new diaphragms in the mids and call it a day. I'll save over the course of the year and get something new later on.
  3. Also...the Eminence 15C mentioned earlier. Is that the Kappa or the Impero?
  4. I can handle just opening up that hole a bit to accommodate the mid horn but that's about as far as I'd feel comfortable. The obvious advantage of hot-rodding my current speakers is the fact that I'd be able to just throw a few hundred bucks into the project whenever I could instead of plunking down one lump sum.
  5. This is pretty much exactly what I had put together as an option. I do not plan on making any cabinet alterations. I want to do everything myself so drop-ins are what's needed. KHorns and fake walls are also a possibility as I do have the room. They would be approximately 18-20ft apart...center to center. I also have speakers like Focal 836V, Zu Omen Def, Gallo, etc. as interests. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. I've been hell-bent on new speakers in the $2000 range but I was just curious what might be possible with my Cornwalls. Call me crazy. New horns, drivers and network...suggest away. I'm using the PrimaLuna Prologue Three preamp and Six monoblocks (EL34.)
  7. You all need to get out more often. I thought everyone in the world that is into vintage gear was following that auction.
  8. The one that usually makes jaws drop is Rebekah Del Rio - Crying (Llorando). It's an acapella version of Roy Orbison's "Crying" sung in Spanish. You should hear the reverb on this track. A few others I always play for people...Muddy Waters - Feel Like Going Home from Folk Singer, various Steely Dan, Coil, Lustmord cuts...Jeff Beck - Cause We've Ended As Lovers, Dead Can Dance - Yulunga, Sheila Chandra - Ever So Lonely, Willie Nelson - Unchained Melody, Rickie Lee Jones - Chuck E's..., Michael Hedges - Ragamuffin, Radiohead - Exit Music & Steve Reich/Pat Metheny - Electric Counterpoint.
  9. I tried that when I had the back off Bob. Think I'll actually open the driver today to inspect.
  10. It is the mid for sure. I have taken the back off to check for anything loose...zilch. I am using a synth to generate the notes so I could demonstrate as clearly as possible what it sounds like. Although the tone was certainly bass-heavy there are plenty of mids mixed in as well. It must be the bottom threshold of the mid's frequency response that causes the problem. After reading on the Crites site I began wondering if this is what a rotten gasket would sound like.
  11. Here is a small clip of the sound it's making. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czzXtGeja-8
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