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    denon avr 1505, kg5.5 fronts, kv2 center, kg 5.5 rears, kg 1.5 waiting for a spot

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  1. Hello, old guy, new to the community. I've had kg 5.2 , 1.5, and kv1 since I was 20. 1992. Purchased 5.5s last year, and have a kg sub on its way. Never had sufficient power in my opinion out of some run of the mill amps. Any thoughts on what I would need to get the most out of these. And the best way to power a passive sub with a modern av receiver. Thanks
  2. hey, long time klipsch owner, not an audiofile or tecky. have had kg 5.2 ,1.5 and kv2 since new. never played on anything worthwhile , but have been awesome since day one. picked up a pair of 5.5s in the spring and have created a mancave in the basement. looking for advice for a good av receiver. currently have 5.5 front, 5.2 rear, and a kv2 center. is this overkill or a retarded setup. still have kg 1.5s to throw in the mix if it makes more sense. don't know how much power I should push them with, only have a run of the mill, probably seven year old denon 5.1 receiver.kicks good but fades away in clarity pretty quick at loud volumes. any thoughts would be great. Loved the tunes loud when I was twenty, still do, but I want them loud and crystal clear now at 42. thanks
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