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  1. Bump and price reduction to move. Lance, replied to your PM. Sorry for the initial delay. I don't watch the forums often and wasn't getting forum email notifications. Cheers.
  2. Did a bit of price adjusting after checking current street prices. Should be more in line with a used set priced to move.
  3. Oops! Thanks guys. Yep, I love the gadgets I'll probably have withdrawls soon and end up buying another set... cash flow permitting!
  4. Hello! As much as I hate to I'm downsizing (and paying bills) so I'm moving my Klipsch system. Had a full 7.2 with RF-7II and RC-64 but those sold and I'm left with the RS and RBs. The speakers are in perfect working order. The RB-82IIs are flawless with no scratches or dings. The RS-62IIs have a slight corner ding/scratch on each but it is not noticable if mounted. As stated they work perfectly and are flawless when viewed from the front. I also have 4 Sanus Ultimate u34c stands available. I will throw those in for 400 for all 4 if needed. Currently retail for 329 a pair. I have all packing materials and original boxes for the speakers. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. I will require a verifiable method of funding. For more info please reference my Craigslist ad: http://austin.craigslist.org/ele/3618430719.html I've reduced the price only here on the Klipsch forums. Note: There's been some interest in splitting up the speaker pairs. I'm willing to do so: 1 pr RS-62II 525.00 1 pr RB-81II 400.00 Thanks! Keith five one two - six 70- eight 082 or five one two - seven 49 - four 123 (good number for text)
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