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  1. I don't post a lot but here we go. I bought a pair of KLF20's in the late 90's from a stereo shop in Tulsa. A year or 3 later I called them up and asked if they had the matching center they had been discontinued , but the salesman gave me a phone#. I called and they had the KLFc7 So I bought it and have been using ever since. Fast forward, hanging out here you see acousticsound design name dropped often. So when it came time to buy my RF711's I called acousticsound design they had a great price I bought them. Fast shipping no problems. Strangely enough I was moving some boxes around came across my box for the KLFc7 what do you know. The label had Acousticsound designs on it.
  2. I have used them a few times and never had any problems. You do have to call for best price. That doesn't bother me at all.
  3. Very close. I do just as you wrote except I use an optical cable from the back of the cable box to my Avr. That way you get all the sound formats when you watch and listen to cable
  4. Just a thought, are you going to cross over some of the subs at different points. just to make it cleaner .If that's even possible?
  5. Wow, Just saw this topic. Other than talking klipsch speakers this is why I hangout here. I may not post a lot but sometimes there are some great threads like this one. colterphoto1 I enjoy your experience with live sound. I have done some but with small bands, mostly using there equipment until I get frustrated enough to buy my own pa. (going from Peavey to crown and electrovoice 2 pairs of double eliminators.) I have never worked for a sound company. I saw Sir Paul twice. both times the sound was fantastic. The last time was in Oklahoma City's Chesapeake Arena. It's supposed to be one of the hardest places to mix. They used meyer sound, Yes I asked. Ceptorman I have seen Todd about 20 time over the years. and yes he is big on good sound. Todd uses Chris Anderson as FOH. a very long track history in sound and video. I met him in Little Rock last year on Todd global tour, Fun to talk to. Nobody knew who he was. Bottom line, most all venues can sound good if the FOH can keep the volume loud enough to satisfy the venue, the band. " Turn it up"..... "It's too loud"..... "We want it louder". "OK."
  6. Very cool I had the 10inch one 3340s back in the day. I recorded a lot of punk bands in the garage. Bythe way the "s" at the end of model# stands for simal-synk (spelling). It let you record and play at the same time without the gap between the two heads. Very cool snag.
  7. Alain C


    I wonder what the resonant frequency of pine is?
  8. at some point I might upgrade them and It's nice to have the tip.
  9. I have not heard the upgraded Crites x-overs/titanium tweeters and midranges. however I did consider them before I purchased the RF7ii. but I got such a good deal and the cherry wood grain looks so good, and I had the money. I just could not stop myself. As far as sound, the 20's sound great but the 7ii will play louder, cleaner and better imaging (bigger sound stage). If it's any indication of whether I still like the 20's I have not sold them, and will not. I will always find a use for them. just like my old crown amps.
  10. I had that exact setup. It sounded very good and lots of head room to boot. However I ended up changing from KLF20's to RF7ii then to Emo's XPA-1L monoblocks. lots more headroom and cleaner sound at reference volume during movies. The crowns are great Ive used them for years both at home and live sound. If the one you bought lasts as long as my DC300-A's you will someday have to will them to someone. I have 3 Crowns that I will never sell.
  11. very cool 3D picture. I know this is not a photo forum. but a separate thread at some point would be real cool. what a great way to show off your HT. Way to go. Al
  12. All my cables are monoprice even the 20 ft hdmi rated for in wall. It's very heavy, all most too heavy never had any problems. What is the hdmi over cat5.
  13. Klipsch Fanatic, You should use a smaller font, I can still read It.
  14. If I put 5 of those in my living room there would be no where to sit down. I don't know if my doorway is big enough to carry them in?
  15. I have RF-7II's and set them up in an equilateral triangle. With them coming together just behind my head sitting on the sofa. They are toed in so the horns are facing me squarely about 12ft apart. When I do stereo, the phantom center is fantastic.
  16. Found This Speaker at the Moore Warren Theater, Moore Oklahoma. It was an IMAX theater and It sounded Fantastic, very loud but very clean. I have been to some IMAX theaters that were loud and Distorted. This theater sounded very good. By the way those woofers were 15's that's how big It realy is. (rear surround) one on either side.
  17. As long as It's speaker porn. like no grills. I still want popcorn.
  18. Love Popcorn, Hate Don McLean, How bout' The Ramone's
  19. Very interesting center channel I bet It sounds great.
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