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  1. My ceiling is too high for atmos (20') so atmos isn't a priority but my receiver doesn't do 4k HDR. It only does 4k at 30f/s. So I have to have the 4k player plugged in directly to the tv and then a second connection to the receiver. It can get annoying switching back and forth instead of just hitting one button on the receiver. It's all a trade off and what you're willing to deal with. I've always waited til they're clearing out the previous year's models when upgrading to get a discount. Works for me. For now I'll deal with having to switch back and forth. If
  2. Sound bars can't replace and aren't meant to replace a 5.1. With tvs going thinner and thinner, tv speakers are becoming increasingly useless. The sound bar is becoming the equivalent of the computer speaker when the monitor only displayed video.
  3. I attacked the photo below so you can see what I'm dealing with. I put the Quintent on the shelf as seen an turned to the listening position. Well I've upgraded and have a RS-42 that i am trying to put up. Unfortunately, I have to deal with the stairs and the landing being adjacent to where I am sitting. Is it fine being a little lower than it should be or does anyone have any better suggestions? Thanks.
  4. When we moved into our house I built a cabinet for my home theater. Center channel rested on top and it had compartments for my equipment. We're painting so instead of painting it to match the wife wants me to build another. This one will be a little bigger. I'm going to incorporate the subwoofers I'm going to build into them (Dayton RSS-390HO). Slots for the equipment again and she wants shelving along the side going up along the side of the tv for books and vids, etc. So I wanted some input from others that have done it. Some dos and don'ts. I learned some from the first build, but wanted to know what others have learned. This one she wants built into the wall, so it will have drawers that pull out for the equipment to be able to access it. I thought about having the top center piece detach to make accessing the back of the receiver easier and in the event something ever came lose or malfunctioned, I don't have to dismantle it. Do i need to worry about the this center piece perhaps being some what loose and have an impact on the center channel? It will be an RC-7 sitting on top of it. I added some small foam pads under the the center channel and it did help with the sound a little. Without a removable piece, its easy to make it sturdy enough where it won't move, but I like the idea of easy access. Or is my last point really nothing to be concerned about? Thanks.
  5. Loudly Does It


    Written proof to keep the wife off my back when I show up with one.
  6. Loudly Does It


    So, since my living room is well over 2500 cubic ft, my RF-5s and RC-7 would greatly benefit from a power amp?
  7. No offense taken. I know doing one thing doesn't necessarily mean it will 100% translate into another task like the NASA guy. I know I'm not a crossover expert. I love my speakers and I love this hobby but by no means am I an expert. I started doing some research and saw some youtube videos that made it seem as if it were a pretty simple swap, so I wanted to make sure that I had the rights parts first though. Although you're quite humble you are the crossover expert around this forum, so maybe I won't go forward with the cap swap.
  8. Now you have me a little scared. I might just try one RF-5 first just in case. I'm a general contractor and I do a fair amount finishing carpentry so I'm used to detail and precise measurements but yes I don't do a lot of soldering. I figure I need to make sure I don't get any hot solder on the circuit or touch the capacitor with a hot soldering tool. What else do I need to be careful of? If its excessively hot can it damage the capacitor when I'm trying to make the connection? Thanks again.
  9. Sorry for the confusion. So then I need to use the Metalized Polypropylene Crossover Capacitors then? I can get them on Parts-Express with the same uF and tolerance except for one. The crossover schematic calls for 5.6, but only 5.5 is available. Should I search elsewhere for them instead or thats close enough? What about the RC-7/ You recommend changing the caps on that one too? I did read here where it was suggested the caps be different, but wasn't understanding why. Thanks for your time.
  10. I was thinking that might be the best bet. If they can all start giving out, the lower frequencies could also benefit from it. I'm going to open up one of the speakers this weekend to get a feel for the crossover layout and size. Hopefully it doesn't require too much improvisation. I read on another thread that people have made similar mods to the RC-7. Was wondering if I should do it to everyone in one shot. I would think it might affect sound production if the towers have new caps but the center has old ones.
  11. I have a Pioneer Elite Sc-75 powering my speakers. I have the RC-7 center with the RF-5s. I looked into additional power but was told that my amp is delivering enough power to it. Not familiar with your amp.
  12. Sorry to keep bothering you. Unfortunately Deang hasn't been able to respond. If I can ask you. So am i only changing the capacitors that go to the tweeter? From the videos I've read I see where the mods are made to help with some of the harshness of the highs or is it best to change them all because the capacitors seem to be the part that over time has an adverse affect on the sound. Deang did say on an earlier post not to worry about "film type" vs. metallized polypropylene. There all the same. If that's the case then I have more options, although I don't seem to get the exact value. 5.5 uF isn't available, but there are 5.6 uF available. Thanks.
  13. I've been noticing he's the crossover expert, so I'll be reaching out to him and see what he thinks about the parts you suggested and any advice, opinions and reading material me can provide. Thanks.
  14. OK. Thanks. I'm looking through Parts Express and not finding many options with the same value. There's a couple but they're not the Film type on the crossover schematic for the RF-5. They're the other types metabolized or polypropylene. Sorry, if it's a noob question. I'm very handy so I know swapping out is not an issue, its just learning more than the basics right now, to ensure I get the right part. Thanks.
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