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  1. Has anyone thought of going 2 way with the Super Heresy ? Have read many post´s about members going from 3 way to 2 way with Cornwalls / Cornscalas. Perhaps something that should be looked into ? Could it be even done ? Claude, don´t get me wrong. Your mod has brought back the joy of music for me. Looking forward to any ideas anyone can come up with. Anyway I have ALK CSW X-overs , Eminence Delta Pro-12A , K-52H drivers with titanium diaphragms and the B&C Elpitrac DE120 tweeters. Perhaps pretty hard to beat, just looking for options that can ease the itch. The main reason perhaps, looking to free up some spars part for a DIY project.
  2. Hello DizRotus Glad you like the mod. I bought a pair of Heresy 1.5 some years ago and was not pleased with the bass. Found Claudes Baby Cornwall mod and got intouch with him. Bought the parts and did the mod. Claudes mod was for the Heresy type E crossover. I had the Heresy type E2 crossover and turned it into sort of a type B1. Doing that was a big leap in better bass but I felt the midrange was still a bit to loud. So I bought some ALK CSW crossovers and set them up to my taste. - 12 on the midrange and - 4 on the tweeter. This could have probably been done with different caps but I did not have anything to go on. My Heresy´s have the K-52 H midrange and have bought titanium diaghragms for them and B&C DE 120 tweeters. Turned out very nice. The main reason I did the mod was that I wanted more bass and did not want a subwoofer in my livingroom. Claude was very helpful with my project. I have been in contact with other members who have Baby Cornwalls and it seems that everybody who hears them is amazed. Again many thanks to Claude from Sweden.
  3. Claudes Baby Cornwall´s with ALK CSW crossovers sound very nice. My Heresy 1.5´s have the K-52-H midrange and I felt the midrange needed to be dampened a bit after finishing Claudes Baby Cornwall mod. So I got intouch will Al and bought a pair of CSW crossovers and a pair of Eliptrac HF horns with the DE 120 driver. Spent hours last weekend with a musician friend of mine fine tuning the CSW crossover. I rewired the speakers and ran the wires through the port so I had the crossover on the floor during the fine tuning. This made tap changes a lot faster. We tried everything from10 dB to 6 on the mid and 6 dB to 2 on the tweeter. Playing the same songs over and over we came up with the setting 8 and 2 , which we both felt that gave a great result. The bass was just as strong as before with the type B crossover but the CSW crossover allowed us to dampen the midrange a bit. The songs we played were Dire Staits Sultans Of Swing , this song sounded good on most of the crossover settings. But on The Beatles ,With A Little Help From My Friends it was easier to fine tune the cossover to what we thought, was a wonderfull soundstage Not having room for a Cornwall, Claudes mod brought me pretty close to having one after all. Thanks again Claude Mike
  4. Jim I tried this mod on my Heresy E 2´s and it helped balance the speaker some, but then i tried Claudes Super Heresy, Baby Cornwall mod . As you know the Super Heresy is something totally different and a lot more exspensive, than adding a resistor to the barrier strip. Adding the resistor and lowering the taps does help , but is nowhere near the Super Heresy mod.
  5. After doing some serious listening over the weekend, I have come to the conclusion that my hearing is not what it should be. Now I was aware that my hearing was not good to start with, but that I could hear distortion from the mids and tweeters on some songs was something new. I had some younger friends over and we listened to things that I had a problem with. For example , The Rolling Stones Tumbling Dice sounds very distorted to my ears. The younger listeners thought everything sounded great at any volume thanks to Claudes mod. They were not hearing the distortion I was hearing. I thought it had something to do with my x-overs or baffle diffraction. So If you start to hear strange stuff from your speakers , I would recommend trying to share your experience with someone before spending money on new gear that perhaps won´t help at all.
  6. Just finished with Claudes great mod on my Heresy 1.5´s and I am very impressed with the amount of bass the Eminence Delta Pro-12A and port pump out of the speaker. No need for a subwoofer at all. They just sound great Claude I have the type E2 network and tried them with the 33uF cap on and off. They sound better with the cap on if you have the type E2 network. My living room is about 4 x 5,5 m and in a room that size there is no need for a subwoofer. The mod was very straight forward and the most time consuming part was damening the speakers. Highly recommended for anyone wanting more out of a small and good looking speaker. Perhaps not a Heresy 1 anymore but just a lot better than a Heresy 1 will ever be on it´s own. Thanks again Claude for all the time and effort you put into this great mod. Even better, for sharing it with us. regards Mike W
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