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  1. Thanks to carlthess40, will give me 7 HIIs in my new system, along with a couple of new Klipsch SW, 86” LG4K, Denon 4700 AVR, & an AudioSource AMP100VS to run the last pair of kg3, Walnut Oiled.


    1980 La Scalas remain from Front L&R, along with a single HII, circa 1991, Flat Black...


    SPL-150 from Cory, R-112SW from Crutchfield on Sale, $250 off. R-112SW will eventually move to second system, along with the RW-12d, once I get a second SPL-150 from Cory...


    Really need to update gear in profile...


    Might I add, haven’t heard a peep from the seller; but, he’s been very responsive to carlthess40, who has forwarded me a Video, and lives close to the Gentleman...

  2. If you’re willing to advance me the $600, PM me, please. I can wire bank transfer the money to you in the morning.


    Will provide you with all my contact info, so you know I’m not a scammer.


    If we can’t get them at least to Tallahassee, where my niece lives, I’ll make a road trip.


    Or; pick them up this summer, when we plan to travel extensively in Florida.


    Thank You for your consideration. If you’re unwilling, I understand...

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  3. My grille is MiA after cleanup in Den. Anyone have a Spare, or One from a Dead RW-12d?


    Roofed caved in, ruined many electronics, but RW-12d, La Scalas, and 5 Heresy II’s still operational; but, a bit worse for the wear.


    Roof has been replaced; waiting on contractors to replace the ceiling before completing HT again.

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