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  1. One of the kg2s you sold me was ruined by Hurricane Roof caved in. Roof replaced.


    I can post you back those badges, NC, for you ONLY.


    e-mail if interested...

  2. 7 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

    Welcome to Mississippi?

    Yep, if he’s a relative, a US Grant* will do; in not a Jax (not the beer.)


    Or, perhaps he had mercy, bc he couldn’t afford insurance, et C.




    *US Grant Presidential Library is at Mississippi State University.

  3. The bro was a white cracker, in this instance; you read way yonder to much into it, perhaps I should’ve used the Louisiana term of brah.


    iIrc, he had an expired tag, too. Police turned the blind eye.


    I do remember the truck was borrowed, too. Bet the owner was verjoyed.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, sunburnwilly said:

    Lot's of similarities in the architecture but unlike NO we are a little above sea level .


    Old NO is above sea and river level; with help from the levees...

  5. 1 hour ago, sunburnwilly said:

    I have not 

    Parts of the O French Q are like parts of Charles Towne.


    Two cities every American should visit, at least once.

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