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  1. Those are SWEET, especially the grilles.
  2. Sancho Panza


    None F.S. thought it would help if people knew where you were.
  3. Thanks haven't figured out how to cut & paste a link from iPhone; and Lee & Jackson have taken over both my desktops.
  4. Met my wife there. It's OK I still like ArKansas.
  5. Sancho Panza

    RSW-10 $150

    New Orleans Craig's List NO Affiliation
  6. Baylor & AN Ohio State University are waiting for someone to get beat. Without a Championship Game Baylor won't be able to jump a 13-0 AlaBama or Florida State. Weak schedule hurts AN OSU, even with. CG & 13-0 finish.
  7. eBay will show you what items sold for & closed without selling... AudiogoN has a PAY service. Have Never used it, so don't know much about the service.
  8. Welcome vaffa! Can't be of help myself, but I'm sure someone else will.
  9. extra point length FG would've been nice; embarrased ourselves, again...
  10. Thank you, AlaBama for gift wrapping the game; sorry we couldn't take it; better luck with that @ Auburn.
  11. You gonna ring the door bell, or just nudge her?
  12. Mobile BAY Area, good, that's close to me! ;-)
  13. The Sound of Music: dts-HD MA 7.1 48Hz, 24 bit Jimmy Buffett DVD (Not Blu) Live in Anguilla Dolby Digital 5.1
  14. In all the years I've been a Mississippi State fan, only the 1st year, 1980, have the Bulldogs really up-set AlaBama. The other few times State won were up-sets to AlaBama fans, but nothing out of the blue like 1980.
  15. Sancho Panza

    Toronto Mayor

    He only drank bc he was high on crack; it's a vicious circle...
  16. Near instant Blu ray or 4000K Video & Audio Quality Rentals will make someone rich. But some I've watched dozens of times; I'd still want to own.
  17. I'd love for AlaBama's run to end Saturday Night, but that won't happen. So I really think it's gonna be AlaBama & Florida State.
  18. I have a feeling that OSU's run will come to an end this Saturday in Austin.... Wasn't serious.
  19. None of the above wasn't an option, so I voted to Slip Lock an' Okey A&M
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