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  1. Sancho Panza

    The lounge.

    Happy Veterans Day to all, especially my fellow vets!
  2. Sancho Panza


    PS Used to a Raiders fan, back when I cared about the NFL
  3. Sancho Panza


    Thanks. Ever heard someone from Oregon tell where they are from?
  4. Now watching Ain'ts pre-game & Auburn game, listening to Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy
  5. ^^^That's how it worked for me...but, everyone knows "my next wife ain' been born yet."
  6. 1st CD I ever bought circa 1985. Sounds much better than the day I bought it, listening to it now, with the Broncos @ Chargers, NFL DeadZone & Auburn @ Ten or see (Repeat) on the other TVs
  7. Welcome to the Klipsch Forum & Congratulations on your purchase! They'll do for now; but, I think you want a pair of Heresy & SW.
  8. I'd take it to UPS & have them pack & insure; about 3.5 miles from me to main UPS for Jackson.
  9. ^^^me, too; but, I'm not above borrowing anyone's idea
  10. The icon stuff is Beautiful. How does it perform?
  11. Make it CUBAN leaf if you want the best!
  12. They need to have auto resizing enabled
  13. I'm thinking 10 of those long wheel base Tens would separate the Jackson guy from those speakers...
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