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  1. People kept helping Madoff "Make Off with ALL they ;-) Money"
  2. Maybe someone else HERE will want the CHERRY RF-83's? Did he give a hint as to price?
  3. Sure if he still has them the ad has been up a long time; but, at least it has a phone number.
  4. Cool thing is you have grills, since not all had them. Are you going to finish the wood? What are others opinions about finishing the wood?
  5. Jackson Mississippi CL has pair of cherry RF-83 & Black RC-64... Maybe you can buy the RC-64 & I can ship it for you?
  6. Know that's not any help, but, if you find a fix...
  7. Like going some place where Klipsch speakers are treasured.
  8. Still have a Sony non ES 5 Disc Boxed up that did that; I bought another & it doesn't skip, although I rarely use it; prefer the LG Blu ray. Single but shows album info/art on screen.
  9. I hear you; people around here use the highest price something ever was offered for on eBay as a guide...
  10. Doesn't really want to sell them?
  11. They shut the B store down near me about 10 years ago, after being open 19.
  12. Have you told about the amp he needs to make them slam?
  13. Sancho Panza


    3 College Games on plus 1 NFL Game... Oklahoma @ Baylor Troy @ SW Louisiana LaFayette Redskins @ Minnesoooota Organ @ Stanford 4 HDTVs, but only 3 HD boxes....
  14. If you're really frugal look on your local Craig's List; I see this line on there often.
  15. WoW!!! Congratulations!!!
  16. Welcome to the Forum! Bigger is always better. Look to Newegg to have sales on some of this line regularly.
  17. The Garage Sale here in another good place to shop.
  18. You're welcome thanks for your service & stay safe.
  19. Yes, sir, have heard them, but never owned them, yet. Where are you? You should be able to pick up a pair of each, either New (still in production) or Used. Check local Craig's List for used.
  20. Yes, the opening is a Passive, or Sub-Bass Radiator.
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