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  1. If I had any, it would be time to put them out, LoL
  2. I like this, but how was it Posted 10 Minutes ago???
  3. No doubt you could sell the old ones
  4. Put the covers back on & just listen, it will be OK.
  5. Wonder what they'd do with mine?
  6. Try the test tone & see if you hear anything, if not, turn the sub gain up a little & try again.
  7. "You don't have be crazy to post on this Forum; but, it helps."
  8. Youthman will prolly snag a pair offa Craig's List for $50, LoL!
  9. I'm saying it has been a long time since I've been; but, better than $250.
  10. Heard that some Sony Blu ray models are the budget choice, but not all play SACD.
  11. Sounds more of what can be attended at a reasonable price to me.
  12. Want to visit, but I think the 20 mile road trip a bit easier.
  13. That was what I had in mind; there is a LOCAL to me builder nearby. Otherwise, shipping costs might kill any savings.
  14. Couldn't say; I remember looking at Ticket Prices & saying never again; but, don't even remember who that was for... Buffett does not play the South anymore.
  15. You could make a fortune if you could pre-fab all the cabinet parts.
  16. Scotch-guard!!! Apologies to Ron White ;-) The sub is very solid and will not spill a drop even playing how ya like me now at full volume. Your windows, doorjambs, and anything not bolted down around it will wander around the room.
  17. Gave $550 for my 3312 June 2012 Full 3 year Warranty, New in Sealed box. Just saying be patient, there are deals out there.
  18. Use a 3d (third) RF-7II as a Center if you seek perfection & skip the measurements.
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