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  1. kg2 is nice for Surround Back, but not against the wall, unless it is an early version, it has a passive radiator in the rear
  2. LoL. That Worked so far. I HATE cell phones; only reason I got it in the 1st place is the Denon App.
  3. Maybe you could use the Tilt Design Tasdom came up with?
  4. Carl which Potter movie is that scene in, to which I refer? If you know the scene #, that would help, too. Found it! Scene 15 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 6.1 of Awesome Flying Game Scene!!!
  5. I like the crowd & band noise from Football games this time of year. Even though most PAC-12 games sound line a golf match, tonight I still had the SC Band Noise. Texas A&M has the best band noise. Harry Potter is pretty good, too. Can't get into the movies, but the one scene where they are playing that flying ball game is awesome. Lord of the Rings is 6.1, which is still pretty darn good.
  6. WakeJunkie needs at least a 2 channel amp to drive his new RF-7s. Not that I have any experience with either. Dang, I love this New Forum!
  7. & even if you went to 11.2, surely a Decent AVR could drive 4 speakers, like Heights & Wides to sufficient levels.
  8. Even when the Surround Back is simulated from 5.1, I like being, well, being surrounded. But, those AMPs are a great idea for long term. With them in place, one could afford to swap AVRs fairly often.
  9. I have a cabinet that was my family's 1st TV...
  10. Good to bring the wife in anyway. She's gonna love the 7.1! My family can sleep a lightning storm. Helps that my den is 3 feet below the rest of the house.
  11. Can you, or anyone, tell me how to do this on an iPhone 4, please? I have to log on, not every time, but up to 6 X a day.
  12. Gonna have to build one using a table I already have, which started life as a Cargo cover on a Liberty Ship.
  13. I've seen photos of those old ones, wo the passive. Mine are BC, not marked, either.
  14. They are very good speakers, & some don't have the PWK on the back passive. Fellow forum member Rivernuggetts sold me mine.
  15. Your idea to try the 62ii should work; I'm sure you have some 7.1 brd in your library to try. I like The Sound of Music, as does the wife. Dances with Wolves, Cars2, & Toy Story 3 are the others I can think of, off the top of my head.
  16. Cut to th' chase & go 11.2...not like you don't have th' speakers to swing it...
  17. Welcome to the forum! Did you call Klipsch parts?
  18. My old Sony has a selector switch on the back for speakers LESS than 8 Ohm.
  19. Can a Heresy slant riser be installed backwards? If so, it would probably do the trick for my shelf mounted Heresy Center.
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