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  1. Buy the sub cable from Monoprice
  2. P.S. Welcome to the Klipsch Forum!
  3. Single LaScala for CENTER, pair of Heresy for Surround.
  4. Good idea & a LAST would be nice too.
  5. Use the kg4 as Fronts & KG 3.5 as Surround Back.
  6. Say, maybe WakeJunkie will bring your son a Mississippi State penant?
  7. One of my twins loves music, but, has chewed up a half dozen sets of ear buds, so...NO iPod for YOU!
  8. Pretty nice, does he know how good he has it? I can see Lee & Jackson having something like that in 7 years.
  9. kg4 for Surround & Surround Back, or kg3, kg2, kg1!
  10. I had a RC-42II & it was OK, but, inadequate, so I sold it at a loss & bought a single Heresy II off eBay to go with my Heresy II Fronts & Surrounds. The Heresy II is wonderful for my set-up; therefore, I recommend a Single kg4, or an Academy. I've seen a few single kg4 for sale, and many Academy on eBay this year.
  11. Tonight it's Kentucky @ Mississippi State ESPN 6:30 Central Marshall @ Middle Tennessee FOX1 same time World Series First Pitch about 8:07 Eastern FOX Carolina @ Tampa Bay NFL Network 8 Eastern Yes, I have 4 TVs in my den!
  12. Good news on the loose screws.
  13. Wal mart has some good speaker wire & prices.
  14. Thanks for sharing those nice pics.
  15. Cardinals behind by a Touchdown. Switched from Jimmy Buffett "Live in Anguilla" DVD Dolby 5.1 to U2 "Rattle & Hum" HD DVD dts HD 6.1
  16. Watching it on 32" LCD.... Listening to Pandora "Ray Charles" Radio on the Heresy II Theater & watching My Florida Vacation Photos on Flickr/60" Plasma.
  17. Works wonderfully between 2 Heresy II Fronts & 2 Surrounds, though; an' when I can snag a pair of LS or better, I'll try it for a while, until I can do better, LoL.
  18. I predict I will turn it on & pretend I like it & it will then watch me.
  19. See you got Twitter enabled. Now for someone to 'splain to those of us who DESPISE SOCIAList Media what it is, LoL!
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