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  1. Wow, John, very nice thanks for sharing. Lets see some more pics & more of your dad's, too. As you work on your dad's, of course.
  2. Yes we want to know, if he's ok with telling; it's encouraging!
  3. Love the ability to Follow a thread & get responses via e-mail!!!
  4. If it won't, maybe we can work out a deal to swap it for my 3311? I think it will, but would want to add an amp for the L-C-R.
  5. Like the man who runs off with his secretary & calls back & tells his wife "sell the Mercedes. & send me half the money".
  6. Hog killing weather lately. Hoping it will still be so on November 23d! Seriously, have any dates in mind?
  7. In that case I recommend RF-7II for Surrounds, RS-62II for Surround Back & another SW-115!
  8. Many of us are here, too, but, never knew what a killer deal you got!!! WoW
  9. I can't figure out how to skip to the last page of a long thread.
  10. Nice, Bill Fitzmaurice told me he uses a Table Tuba in HIS home.
  11. Glad to see everyone back HOME!!!
  12. Have 5 Heresy II in my set-up so far; want many more, but also want something better for my L-C-R. In the meantime, they'll do.
  13. He calls e-bay uMay. I had to ask the same question. Then again, uMay NOT. Others called it uPay.
  14. He has tons, literally, of Klipsch FS on CL &/or uMay. At least this year.
  15. Let me know if you need any help on something up here.
  16. He told me about the problems when I asked. Almost bought them. Where are you?
  17. Bill is that the pair from NO CL?
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